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My biggest audio project ever - the construction of a dedicated room showcasing AE's capability

This is a long overdue project. It is my idea to broadcast the whole construction of the room. Every single parameter has been taken into the account based on our knowledge on electricity and most importantly room acoustics of various schools I learn over the years.

The room almost has a golden ratio to begin with. But structural challenges are there. AE is lucky to work with a crew that understand acoustics from the perspective of "audio reproduction."

Here are some initial pictures to share with everyone.


  • The wooden flame are there to do the job of isolation. Special materials will be filled in later on. But of course, it has to be quiet enough and yet do not deaden the sound. We are testing over 10 materials now.
  • The shape of the room is rectangular. Around 700 feet. There will be NO rooms (Room are energy storage agent)
  • The wooden floor are imported from Germany. It has to satisfy three conditions: 1. Cannot be too hard. 2. Cannot be too soft 3. Must look natural.
  • Windows are bad for sound. Screw them all! Just kidding but all windows at the upper row will be destroyed and filled. The windows in the lower row will be replaced by specially treated window with extremely low resonances. All noises from outside will be reduced to minimal. Even the little platform underneath the window will be made by wood (Corian and tile are not welcome.) There will be a curtain covering them (also chosen from the perspective of sound).
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    The ceiling is not easy to deal with. These unremovable structures look bad. The goods news is they are not hollow structure. That said, we still have to make them look good and sound good. In the end, these two long hard structures will be dressed up with "arc" at both end where the ceiling meet the main wall and back wall. The ceiling are also treated to reduce reflection.
  • The electricity part will be interesting. Argento has prepared a total of 180 meter of Master Reference In-Wall wires for this project. They are made by the finest copper and cyroed before putting them into tubes. These wires will be arranged in three separate runs (LIVE, Neutral, Ground) going into EACH outlet of the MCB box (also cyroed in Germany, all fuses are cyroed as well).

    The AC sockets inside the room will be made by ORB. It will be at the level of KYOTO grade - also specially made for this project.
  • Pt, this is really exotic! I think you will set a new standard in building an audio room, I look forward to 'dwell' myself in your audio room! I like the wood floor!
  • 180米Master Reference入牆線???? 極級瘋狂!
  • 據我所知, 在全東南亞沒有人識玩到這麼夠堅!
  • If the sound is ......., then I shall be P.K.lark!
  • Don't use super diffusors at the corner. Just apply them in the middle position will be fine. Are you going to use those super high end bass traps that are behind your subwoofer now? You should inform us these crazy acoustics tools earlier.

    I look forward to the opening of this room.
  • Can you supply me the in wall master reference cable when I moved to a bigger mansion in Beijing later in the year?

    I look forward to what you guys can achieve with this room.
  • The person who makes a success is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.

    I have conficence to express that Our showroom, needless to say, will be one of the significant Hi End audio listening rooms globally.
  • Today, I went to the site to finalize which material to be applied for the purpose of isolation. The goal is to strike a balance between absorption and reflection. It has to be quiet but not "dead". After a few weeks of testing, the materials are finalized. The frame is filled but they are NOT STUFFED.
  • 180 meters of Master Reference in wall power cables prepared by Argento after going through 3 stages of Liquid Nitrogen cyroed treatment. The crystal structure of them is extremely fine.
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