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    May 7
  • Hello gentlemen , I am  new to this site  but not new to High End Audio. I  am fortunate to have two very good systems 
    My recent upgrades.

    1.         I have had  two new Dalby Meda Ethernet cables installed for a few weeks now and absolutely agree with the comments posted on the Dalby Blog  , these cables are  an instant substantial  upgrade and get better with time ,  transformed my ripping/streaming with Melco N1zs/2 to another level.

    2.     I am  very honoured to have had  a  Dalby Jundo USB for the last two weeks , great out of the box , after the first week  its simply extraordinary , and getting more after 2 weeks .
    Buyers beware , before you try , please  be warned ,once you  put the  Jundo  in your system you will not want to give it back.

    3. With the kind assistance of Lee Dalby  replaced the gold copper jumper bars on my JBL DD66000's with custom  Dalby silver ribbon with silk insulation jumpers.

    Wow !!!, excuse me I have to get back to my Music.       Regards Philip0

    May 6
  • Ha guys started my live recordings to 1/4" tape got 3-4 to do Going to bring into the mix another R2R I know another one yes but I think moving racks of gear around has got hairs on it and some places just have bad accsess so a brand new GQT from Kostas. Have a Jazz album on its way Tape and vinyl. Is there anothere show on this year. Chris would you like to try Tape as a sourse there.
    Regards everyone.
    May 5
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    May 4
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    April 10
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    April 7