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  • strapper211

    Hi Carlos,

    I just want to let you know I went through all kinds of cables for the Avalon speakers and the

    best I found is Elrod Diamond.I tried transparent Opus,MIT,Nordost Odin,Tara Labs,NBS, and Genesis

    and  some I forgot about, the Elrod beat them all easy.They make the speakers sound more powerful and natural and throw

    a wonderful 3D soundstage and micro detail.I have some Elrod Diamond power cords I am selling to

    upgrade to the new Master series Elrod.You should try one or two.

    I will try to help you,you will love the combo of Saga and Elrod.

              Regards Robert

    July 6
  • strapper211

    Hi Carlos,

    Again sorry for late reply.The Saga's are in a different world than the Isis,easier to drive,

    deeper bass with more definition,more 3D,timbre sound great.List is to long to go on,you will love

    them.They are big give them at least 4 feet behind and 3 feet on the side to develop soundstage

    properly.Try each amp and use the one you like the best,I think it would be the soulution.I heard

    CAT amps on the Isis and it was tremendous.

    Where are you located at and what dealer did you buy from.When are you expecting them.

                                Regards Robert

    July 6
  • Jack
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    July 5
  • South
    Hi Robert 
    it is my turn to apologize for not having checked my messages regularly. Thanks for your reply.
    i believe we exchanged mails a few years ago, in Audiogon, when you had Avalon Isis and I bought the same model. It seems we both are members of the small group of Avalon diehards.
    i just decided to order the Sagas after hearing them in Italy, the only place in Europe where they are available.
    The questions I wanted to ask are the following: 
    - location in the room : do they have to be very far away from the back wall? The Isis play very well at about 130 cm/s from the wall. I know this is room dependent but I would prefer not to have to move them forward much more.
    - amplification: I envy your Lamms, but they very too expensive I. Europe Did you try the Saga with a different amplifier? They seem easier to power than the Isis. I have two different systems, a Soulution (a great amp, do not believe what they say in the forums) and a pair of AudionResearch 750  a different animal. Power will not be an issue with either, but I am curious about the result.
    - in general, can you share any listening impressions , in particular in comparison to Isis? My impressions after listening to them fir a whole day is that they are more “rhythmic” than the Isis. The bass is not noticeably deeper but ir seems better defined. And they have the best tweeter I haver heard.
    again, thank you very much for your availability.
    Kind regards
    June 18
  • strapper211

    Hi South,

    Sorry for the late response,I just logged in after quite a while.

    Of course you can send me a personal message.

                    Regard Robert


    June 10
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    June 10
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