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Argento proudly presents the: Olympic Reference Power Cord

To celebrate the Olympics in Beijing 2008 Argento Audio Power has chosen to make a limited series product called "Olympic Reference". Only 208 cables will be made exclusively for HK/China.

Apart from making a cable that clearly carries the look and feel of a limited edition product, my aim with the Olympic Reference is to make a cable that is as flexible and easy to use as the Flow Reference but at the same time embodies the ideals of the old Olympic slogan “Faster, Higher, Stronger".

As a further advancement of the Flow Reference, the Olympic Reference is logically a part of the Flow series. However the Olympic Reference is also different from the Flow cables. It does not only improve on the strength of the Flow Reference but takes on a vibrant character of its own.

To be more exact the Olympic Reference is different from the Flow Reference in the following ways:

1. The OR adds 66% more cross-section taking the total cross-section to 12.5mm2 bringing it closer to the Flow Master Reference in cross-section.

2. The OR uses a new type of connector with conductive parts made of Beryllium copper, plated with "Platinum" and housed in a gold plated Phosphor Bronze housing. The new connector also lowers contact resistance even further than the connector used on the Flow Reference because of added contact pressure. The result of the new connector is more detail, better dynamics and tightness without adding edginess to the sound.

I hope that this limited cable will bring future users closer to the music and enable them to enjoy a more intimate musical experience. It is also my hope that years from now when the Olympics have moved on it will remind the owners of what will hopefully become a truly great event for China.

Sincerely Yours

Ulrik Madsen,
Argento Audio


  • Dear Ulrik,

    It is marvelous to see this cable produced at a perfect timing to meet the Olympic Games in China and I sincerely hope this will be a big success for Argento and AE in launching it in HK and China.

    Although in terms of the x-section for the conductors, OR appears in the middle between FMR and FR, the technologies adopted are not entirely the same according to what you described above. I have no doubt of it outperforming FR in many respects, could you describe how it would sonically be different from FMR latter of which I have running two, one for the Conductor preamp by AudioValve and another one on the Wavac phono.

    I am planning to get 2 OR, one for the Raven turntable (using Fr at the momen) and another one for the Orpheus Heritage. What is your recommendation in terms of cable matching with my gears?

    Thanks and best regards,
  • The OR project was originally initiated one year ago at the same time (under a different name) when the Flow was firstly introduced to the market. The immense success of the Flow has further strengthened the confidence of Argento to put more effort in developing the OR for 2008. In anticipation of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, AE has worked with Argento closely to develop a powercord that is unique to celebrate this important event in Chinese history.

    The goal of the project is to develop a powercord that can benefit every components from the CD source, DAC, preamp, all the way to the power amplifiers. The cable has to be flexible to use with all the merits of the Flow series. Even power amplifiers will be benefited from the vibrant side of the OR character, and yet refinement when applied in front end components will be equally as good. The bottomline is to get closer to music as always.

    The most challenging part is perhaps we decided to introduce them in a truly competitive price point at the face of rising EUR, and hence only 208 power cables will be produced and NEVER afterwards to ensure exclusiveness.

    We sincerely hope everyone will enjoy the OR as much as Flow which is considered by many as reference applications in front end components.

    Please contact Mr.Poon or Mr.Li of Venice Audio to arrage pre-booking.
  • Once again, AE truly thank you for everyone's support on the Flow in 2007. We are certain that the OR will be another legend.
  • Jlam, I need 4.
  • 喂睇黎可能唔夠分

  • very very interesting. it got me.
  • That's very cool.
  • I am never a big fan of fancy cables until the Flow introduced last year. The "OR" seems like a must own cable. I too worry 208 not enough to satisfy demand.
  • Another must have item. I need at least 2.
  • Bigpiece,

    I really think you should at least give it a try now to remove the power plant which in my own experience, heavily undermined the bandwidth and potential of all the FR, FMR, OR power cords connected to it....

  • Quite a surprise to see this on a Monday morning. How many stocks coming? 208 powercords arrive at the same time?
  • Marvel
    I tried before but it seems the PPP is working fine in my setup. No compression was noticed by me and PT, like the replay of M. Jackson's Thriller. I first played the Winterreise by Richter live recordingly last night, I was surprised by the dynamics of Schreier. The recording must be made in a flu season as there were quite a lot audience coughing ....
    Anyway, thanks for the advice and I will try after getting back the ORB distributor.
  • Big surprise. Jlam, am I the last one who know about it?
  • 呢到太多大哥
    已用了Flow 一年完全沒有諗過要換
  • Bigpiece,

    Use of the power plant in my friend's case was a more impactful midrange but a trade off in the frequency extensions into both ends. It kind of boosts up the energy in the mid but yet unable to provide the details on the trailing ends. Your real life experience is obviously more reliable as I have no clue whatsoever on the electricity supply in Shanghai.

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