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  • Hey guys, I have nothing more to add on. I just want to share a bit on the burn in behaviour of this statement Ethernet. At the first few hours, there was an apparent increase in bass energy and weight. I actually adjusted my speaker positions to accommodate the increase in bass energy. The 2nd day, bass energy is even out into infra bass area. Then I reversed the speaker position again to previous state.  After that, the cable stopped metamorphing.  This morning, I am enjoying differentiated energy coming out from a very clean backdrop that has a life and space of its own. Everything has more perspective of depth, be it clarinet, flute, and of course cello etc. The mid range openness is unique, as I feel each formation of words carries distinct energy. The development of lyricism thus become very vivid.  System without this statement Ethernet can at most achieve smoothened naturalness, because of the absence of energy differentiation even at the micro level.
  • 各位早, 請問你們有沒有聽Gobel statement USB呢? 我和父親昨晚一起聽了三個小時,感覺和大家所分享的statement Ethernet一樣。Raymond的burn in描述,我也有所同感。Statement是Vetere HB之上三級的製作,不過和USB缐皇貝多芬的比較又會是如何?待望兄長們分享一下。

    Oliver 先生,多謝你為大家帶來驚喜。
  • Finally my long awaited Gobel USB cable arrived today!!!
  • Hello all together,

    Many thanks for your perfect and precise descriptions of the sound qualities regarding our new Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables. I really deeply appreciate your enthusiasm. That is exactly the reason, why we are putting so much efforts, love and passion in all our products. I want to see you totally happy, astonished and thrilled!

    By the way, I’m sure you already have done it the right way, but only to play save for all the other readers of this forum. Please always note the directivity of our Lacorde Statement cables. As always, the directivity is shown to you by the milled Göbel logo in the connector housings. It always should be read from the transmitter to the receiver.

    All the best,
  • Hey guys, direction really matters!  I had it reversed which was excellent already. Now I got it right, next level!
  • Oh yes, direction really does matter.  I reversed it.  Corrected this morning. 
  • Dear Oliver,

    I posted in another thread the 'Fantastic Four' that Ihave connected to my system:  2 Ethernet, 1 USB and 1 AES.  I don't actually own 2 Ethernet, as one is actually for my friend Romanovyn which I have not passed to him yet.

    The ability of this generation of Statement cables is the extreme shielding technology deployed rendering a clean and uncontaminated passage of the signal, let alone the sheer speed which is unheard of as well.  It is a clean TKO (Total knock Off) on the Ethernet and AES cables that I have been using.  On the USB running from Hermes Server into Atlantis DAC, I think I need some time to draw a conclusive verdict. 


  • Dear Marvel,

    “The fantastic four” is a nice labeling :-)
    Many thanks for sharing your auditioning results.
    Also many thanks to all the others which wrote their auditioning results and impressions. I really appreciate it and I’m always happy to read them.
    I also have some additional great news for you. We were able to produce a few more Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables. Tomorrow these cables will be shipped out to Hong Kong.

    All the best,
  • Hi.
    I've read on this review" http://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/gobel-lacorde-statement-cables/" that the best digital cable is the Ehernet one.
    I need an USB cable, but taking this review as reference, i'm thinking to upgrade the Ehernet one. It doesn't put the USB improvement at the same level of the Ethernet.
    Are you agree with this review?

  • My experiences with both are fantastic.  Quality can't be divided quantitatively to have a conclusion. Also incremental sound quality is accumulative.  It is harder and harder to get the "delta" larger and larger as System progresses. At the margin, the Ethernet is very big for me because I bought it before the USB. 
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    Thank you emperor.
    I understand that the USB keep going the Ethernet improving, the result overlaps.
  • Hi Marvel. 
    Do you have your final verdict of the Goeble USB cable?
  • Göbel Statement and Skogrand Beethoven are both no brainer.  Vetere is the Best Buy.  Statement excels is staging, dynamic, scale and energy - very apparent in larger scale music. Beethoven is very natural in vocal rendition. I have them all.