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  • Dear Oliver,

    I am waiting for your AES/EBU cable for use between the JMF3.7 transport and Atlantis DAC.  According to PT, it would be revolutionary from the previous version adopting the latest shielding and cable geometry.

    Look forward to receiving it!!


  • Hello Marvel,

    You are right, during the development of our new Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables we found out some additional really outstanding solutions for digital cables in terms of shielding and the conductor arrangement.

    That is why we also tried to transfer these new solutions and technologies to our AES/EBU cable. The result came out really great and end of next week we will ship out the first batch of these new AES/EBU cables, which now have the name Lacorde Statement Digital XLR SE. Audioexotics is the worldwide exclusive premier release partner for this new Lacorde Statement Digital XLR SE cable.

    Additionally Chris also ordered our complete first production lot of our new Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables, which we will also ship out by end of next week. So audioexotics is also the worldwide exclusive premier release partner for these new cables!

    All the best,
  • Oliver,

    I have been waiting for your statement Ethernet for a month after PT did a demo awhile ago.  Noise floor drops to a level of serenity not experienced before.  Although Ethernet cable is not really directly on the signal path, the amount of noises it radiates to other components through the air is tremendous.  

    Deaden fhe sound is easy. But achieving silence without comprising expressiveness of music is very difficult. I really look forward to this statement Ethernet cable. 

    The demand for true digital XLR cable comes back again because of JMF 3.7 transport.  If the technology of the statement Ethernet is applied to the Statement XE digital, I am sure it will be equally stunning.  Lately, - friend of mine bought the Nordost Odin2 digital to test the JMF 3.7 at AE.  To our amusement, the JMF digital cable is much better.  The JMF digital cable is very balance in the whole spectrum. Swap to Odin 2, the sound become aggressive on the high.  He is now shopping for digital cable, your statement XE will likely be a candidate. 
  • Oliver

    Finally the wait is over. The statement Ethernet will reign. 
  • Hello all together,
    In order to differ the new Lacorde Statement Digital XLR SE cable from the old version, it has now a nice blue crystal as a mark in the aluminum connector housing.

  • Hello altogether,

    I’m happy to let you know, that the first batch of our new Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables is already on the way to Hong Kong.
    Attached you will find two quick photos of this first batch, before they got packed.
    Have fun auditioning the cables.

    All the best,

  • Oliver,

    They look damn cool!
  • The wait is finally over and the photo is cool. They look like keyboard of a piano. Are they all presold?
  • Jeff

    70% prepaid with deposit. 30% verbally confirmed. 

    I don't even have one for myself. 
  • 終於到了,還記得此缐中音的爆發力!
  • Oliver,

    First, please excuse my language.  I bought the statement Ethernet cable of yours. I have to say that you are one hell of a genius!  How can a damn Ethernet cable has the same positive impact similar to using your statement power cable on the amplifiers!!  A few of my friends actually agree this Ethernet cable has more improvement on my system than your damn statement power cable!  

    You know what, your sales representative, PT taught us how to stress test a cable!  Turn to very loud volume on music that we are familiar with.  If high frequency noises are too much, you can fault it. Your statement Ethernet passes this with flying color. At low volume, many cable passes. I am sure you know many people test a few vocal or some nice strings only.

    The shieldings of this must be very advanced.  I hear so much more details on a system that is considered very quiet, the black goes blacker but not dead.  Low frequencies energy release are phenomenal. I really have no fucking idea why an Ethernet cable can improve so much!  Bravo!

    and it has the kind of organic warmth that all German dudes don't have..... are you really from Germany?  The kind of natural warmth because your cable allow bass to deeper, deeper, deeper and deeper.  

  • VR,

    I echo your experience.  I and my friends are both shocked!
  • Oliver 

    Phenomenal work!  I am not a serious CAS type of audiophile.  My CAS friends here after auditioning the statement Ethernet in various positions confirm this is the current holy grail by a far margin against anything they bring along tonight.  We listened non stop from 11pm until 6am now. There are no edges or any zigzag on vocal.  There are no highlighted resolution.  Rendition of music is very natural.  We tested at loud volume on electronic music too. 

    The mid range dynamic is explosive, a unique feature that I never experrice before. I hate the Dutch kind of honey mustard mid range.  And including myself, we only describe the mid range is smooth and high density but never before I had ever described an experience of a very dynamic mid range until now.  The illustration of this is easy - play a cut of 黃家駒 of Beyond. That is a melting musical experience.  

    The statement Ethernet requires a few hours to get into optimum performance. 
  • I also got mine.  Tonal shades are magnificently revealed.  I didn't have the right words for it but that very openness of mid range is unique. Openness together with the associated energy. When emotions call for it, it explodes flamboyantly.  The construction of soundstage stems from the ability of it to release infra bass information.  This is totally another level, very different than those by hyping high frequency energy and extension to create spacious feelings.  Subwoofer guys should understand what I am referring to.  And I agree change of the Ethernet cable has bigger impact that the power cable in this special case.