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Goebel Divin Marquis/Nobleness/Majestic /Epoque Reference

edited October 2020
Here are some pictures for the soon to be delivered speakers for Darth Vader. The Epoque Fine is going to be finished in while and silver.


  • It seems my speakers are luxuriously finished. I am really looking forward to the arrival of them.
  • 製作十分之精緻的喇叭,差不多全頻冇相位失真,所以立體感驚人。我認為在聆聽環境大約300尺內,作near field listening的擺位,應該是無敵之作。小的Fine有可能靚過大的Refetence。
  • Why would the small speakers outperform the bigger version? What is your logic?
  • The main selling point of Göbel speaker is its ultimate coherence over a wide bandwidth. It should perform extremely well in a domesticated home environment than a large hall. Low sensitivity and inadequate SPL in a large room are the only downside. For classical music lover, this speaker is the closest to the real thing in a near field setup. Then we don't have SPL issue. For people who like to rock the room with earthquake bass impact, the Wilson and Magico do a better job for sure.

    Positioning of Gobel speaker could make or break the overall performance. It can't be placed too far apart horizontally. It needs to be closer to the back wall to assist the bass. It is better to sit closer to the speaker. Then it is a hell of an goosebump experience. The amp matters because it is extremely difficult to drive particularly when ohm drops to 1.5 at 170hz stated on the website.
  • Darth Vader,

    Your speakers will be leaving Germany next week! The white/silver is gorgeous. This is the first time I have ever seen gobel speakers in this finish.
  • And Trinity amp will be just in time for you to drive them!
  • That is my speakers! I like them in this COLOR much more than black.
  • Looks gorgeous and I bet they sound fantastic.
  • Very interesting speaker, but never heard before. Sound like it suits HK's tight environment pretty well, but more demanding in power amp selection. Anyone had experience who can share the consideration that was put into choosing horn speaker vs this high tech looking speaker?
  • Why don't you come and listen later if Darth Vader agrees to lend me his pair for a short demo at AE for a week?
  • Haha, is that another open day ?
  • Hello guys,

    I am fine with lending mine for demo at AE as I will be traveling to Europe for vacation for 2 weeks.

  • Darth Vader that is very kind of you. Thanks PT.
  • The crossover of the Gobel speakers at the bottom.
  • Attention to details is meticulous.
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