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  • Another pair of Marquis this week. 

  • Hi all!

    I’m new to the forum and excited to be taking delivery of a pair of Divin Marquis (dealer Bending Wave USA in Florida as I live in Dallas) this spring. It’s been incredibly helpful reading postings about the speaker on the AudioExotic’s forum. Really sounds like Oliver did a nice job of designing a speaker that strikes the balance between size and performance. The Noblesse and Majestic are awesome but clearly require a dedicated listening room unless one’s a bachelor or has a very tolerant wife. ;-) For those members who have extensive experience with the Marquis, I’d be grateful for any tips you can offer with regard to set up, positioning, tweaks, etc that I might consider employing. But first, as far as the rest of my system is concerned:  

    - Göbel cabling throughout system
    - Digital: MSB Select II with separate mono bases
    - Analog: Sutherland Engineering BIG LOCO phonostage and Spiral Groove SG 1.1 Turntable + SG Centroid tonearm
    - MSB S202 Stereo amplifier
    - HRS isolation / Symposium isolation and vibration control 

    It’s also important to note that my listening room (also our Great Room) is quite large being 6.7m x 11m x 4.3m (w x l x h) and given the cosmetics of the room, the most i can pull the “front” of the speaker from the wall behind it is 1.143m so they must stay pretty close to the wall facing the listening position. I have the option of setting my listening triangle up as equilateral or isosceles. If equilateral, the sides of the triangle would be around 3.8m. If isosceles, a little less on the sides with the speakers being closer to 3m apart (so a ratio of 1.2). Would love to hear what shape listening triangle users have determined to the best with the speakers. In either arrangement, the speakers will be reasonably far from the side walls. 

    I understand the Marquis can be purchased in a bi-wire configuration.  I’m likely not going this direction as cosmetically I need to keep the cabling to a minimum in our Great Room where they are being situated.

    I also understand that the well floats have been an enhancement for the Gobel speakers in general but there is no US distributor (however, there are other vibration control manufacturers who offer similar products in the US). That said, if I were to consider the Well Floats, can you please advise on the cost of a set for Marquis? I believe that would be 8 feet?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Check your email. 

    The Marquis is better to be positioned closer to the rear wall, (the wall behind the speaker). Transparency will improve notably. Transient resolution goes up. 
    There is no port hole at the back of the speakers. The speakers don’t interact with the back wall as much as those designs with a port hole at the back.  Don’t pull the speakers away from the back wall too much - this point is extremely important. The distance between Marquis and the rear wall in the AE central showroom is probably less than 1M.  
    Don’t apply conventional speaker positioning logic here.  The absence of an analog preamp in your case may introduce some variance. It is because Marquis don’t need to rely on room gain to generate the necessary energy. As a result, the driving power of the preamp alongside control ability of the amplifier matters. 
    We don’t do iso-triangle here too.  Take a look at this picture.  This has to do with listening preference, subjectivity dictates.

  • Another Marquis delivered. 

  • Another pair of Marquis coming to HK.