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  • Roman,

    I learnt that you had already auditioned the Goebel statement Ethernet cable in the position between trio and Atlantis?

    Can you share some of your impressions?


  • It is something from another universe...when we all think we have gone to the extreme, there is still something able to push the extreme further...
    goebel Lan cable is so quiet and full of energy. All the treble noises gone (u might think they are gone already before without comparison), only music remains. Even deaf can tell the difference! I am serious as I can feel the bass energy swept through the floor to my feet, which I didn't feel before using other lan cables for that piece of music. As a critical listener, I did tell Chris I think the trebles were a bit hard and noisy before when playing loud, but now, I only hear more music playing even louder than before.
  • Hello all together,

    Today I want to share a few things regarding our new Lacorde Statement Ethernet cable and Lacorde Statement USB cable.
    After a very long time of research, auditioning, CAD and preproduction we finally finished our phenomenal Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables.
    As all of you may already know, we only release new products, when I’m 100% happy with the results and when we could reach the optimum in their fields.
    And I can proudly tell you, that with both new cables we totally accomplished that goal!

    As you could notice and already read in the forum, Audioexotics is the first distributor/community who got our pre production samples of both new cables. Because I really appreciate your good ears and tremendous expertise.

    For the Ethernet cable and also for the USB cable we start from the raw wire. We let produce the single raw wires to our specifications for their special application (special conductor alloy and conductor cross-section, specific dielectric and dielectric cross-section, …). Based on this raw wires, we start braiding and building up the complete cable in our premises using also our resonance control devises and electro static control devises. Only through this, we are not restricted and we can use exactly the materials and technics, which are the best for their sound quality application.

    Have fun auditioning our new products, because there is only one way to identify a benchmark loudspeaker or a benchmark cable - by listening!


  • Oliver,

    What a great job you have done!  I auditioned it this morning and I concur everything Roman (Mr Cessaro) had reported.  The "deep"'silence achieved makes everything else out there noisy. The conveyed energy is so complete.  And the effect of changing the Ethernet cable, frankly, is bigger than your statement power cable!  I don't know what you have done. 

    I am sure Longinus and Darth Vader who were with me this morning would agree. 
  • Oliver,

    You have done a tremendous job. I was speechless this morning. 

  • Oliver,

    when u say without restrictions, what do you mean?  Do you mean all others are using OEM bare wires for development? And you don't source OEM and have you own bare wire?  Can you elborafe?

    because I really want to know how can you make such extreme magic on an Ethernet cable to the service of music? I am speechless too!
  • Hello Prof M,

    I really appreciate your question and I’m very happy that many AE members could already experience our new cables.
    Also I have to say thank you to Romanovym, Raymond and Longinus for their comments .
    We are not restricted on standard manufacturing processes, because we build up the cables from the raw wire by ourself. There are many points which have to take care of. It of course always starts from the raw wire, which we let produce especially for us with our proprietary alloy, diameter and cross-section for their special application.
    The next point is the dielectric. Here it not only matters which material you are using. It also matters the cross-section/thickness and also how it is applied onto the raw conductor. Because there also happen signal degradation based on the direct contact between the dielectric material and the conductor. Especially if you look at these influences that happens nonlinear because of the skin effects.
    Of course the right shielding is also very important in order to get it immune against crosstalk and in order to get the cable as quiet as possible but don’t loose it’s dynamic. Here it also matters how the shielding is done and again what conductor material, dielectric and application of the dielectric you are using.
    Furthermore it is also very important to eliminate the micro resonances that always happens in materials and material crossings through frequencies. These are again non linear resonances which you will hear as a noice and in the time domain.
    In the last step we also modify the connector itself, so it meets our goal for the perfect connector.
    We fine tuned all parameters of the cables in hundreds and hundreds of countless listening hours and I’m very happy that you appreciate our work.

  • Oliver,

    Great work on the USB and Ethernet!  I am sure these cables will have raving success!  By the way, I know you have the AES/EBU digital cable produced prior to these 2, are you going to re-apply the same technology to the AES/EBU?  When will we see the next generation of the Statement power, interconnect and speaker?

  • Oliver

    Great job! I am quite sure your Ethernet is no competition at all.  For USB, there is at least one serious challenger. I look forward to compare yours against it. 

    I placed Ethernet order already. When is it due?
  • Darth Vader
    edited October 2016

    The deep deep deep silence brought from your statement Ethernet and the preservation of energy are unprecedented in the field. There is no competition whatsoever was our conclusion with Uncle Ray and Longinus yesterday. Prof M arrived when we were about to leave. I told him you will surrender. And it seems he does. 
  • 名位兄長,細閲大家的感受後,似乎是繼Tripoint Empress後,這條高宝數據線是大家有共同肯定的產品。我也打算㩦父明天去見識一下。
  • Roman兄,

    你所形容的高寶數據缐是來自另一個宇宙來的,當然是你英語寫作上運用的技巧來表示你的讚嘆,不過今天和我和家父聽到家駒唱Amani一個字 - "祂" 之後,我即刻想起Roman兄的形容,因為家駒唱這個單音,原來有這麼多隠藏了的音色,美妙絕倫。
  • 而且祂....主宰世上一切,又是事實,所以感應到....
  • 我也用中文來表達一下,用上了Statement Ethernet後,中音是帶著爆發力! 一般缐做到清色度,柔順度,平行度,弱音細節豐富等為之高級缐材,但甚少能做到中音有爆發力,而且強音鏗鏘,有光澤亮麗感而帶body。愈大聲便愈靚聲!
  • Hello all together,

    Again many thanks for all your praise and also for sharing all your auditioning results.
    Our Lacorde Statement Digital AES/EBU cable is also based on the Lacorde Statement technologies, but especially made for its particular application.

    The new Lacorde Statement Ethernet and Lacorde Statement USB cables have a totally different construction based on the requirements of their particular applications.

    By the way, I could learn from your previous posts, that you are often using the Lacorde Statement Ethernet cable in order to make the connection between your Wadax units. Please also feel free to try the Lacorde Statement Ethernet cable between the router and DAC and between the NAS and router. I can guaranty, that you will also be totally amazed about the result!