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Goebel Divin Marquis/Nobleness/Majestic /Epoque Reference



  • And the FINE is packed, and ready to be picked up by the forwarder today.
  • 請問有開放日嗎?我認同細呢對有可能好過大佬,因為少了全組低音傳送諧震盪去ipad造型的全音域,如果是作near field聆聽用途,低音一定已經足夠。
  • 不過我始終覺得低音根本冇是冇可能追到全音域單元的速度。另一個角度來說,喜歡傳統喇叭的,速度並不是首要選擇條件,所以這點可能並不重要。我用了Wilson Maxx 多年,好明白低音反應「慢」的樂趣和痛苦。
  • Guys,

    I am fine with an open day starring my Gobel Fine speakers. I have been constantly traveling lately. I desperately need someone to burn in for me. My wife does not allow me to switch on the amp playing music during my absence from home.

  • Gobel statement speaker cable with Wilson XLF
  • The owner of this Boulder 3000 series based system was very surprised by the improvement brought over by this speaker cable. It seems as though the Gobel speaker cable is tailored made for Boulder amp. The effortless feelings are so cool
  • To Oliver/Dietmar,

    I want to say thank you to you two. A whole suite of trinity driving the Gobel fine speakers recreate a sound field that I have never ever experienced before such completeness. Transparency has a new meaning - a sound field that is palpable, solid and continuous. It is not the hollow type of sound stage that I knew too well in the past.

    The bass needs more time to mature given the speakers are completely new. But positioning of this speakers matter very much. It can't be placed too far apart. My listening position is 2.5 meter away from the iPad like driver of Gobel.

    The experience is much more than holographic. It is a holographic experience that is believable, not the sensational type. Hard to explain but truly unique
  • How is the speakers? Time to open door for us to audition?
  • Hello, my name is Oliver Göbel.
    I'm the CEO and main developer at Göbel High End.
    This is my first time to have the pleasure posting something here in this really great forum.
    During the outstanding and unique AE Super Hiend show 2015, I already had the pleasure to meet up with a few of the forum members. It was a great time, which I really enjoyed a lot.

    Darth Vader, with the Epoque Fine, you now own the worldwide unique, most homogeneous, most precise and most realistic loudspeaker. With the enormous frequency coverage of our Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver from 170 Hz till 31.000 Hz (which is over 7 octaves!), everything is reproduced from this single driver at one point and without a crossovers in this frequency range. So no phase shiftings and therefore really time coherent!
    Most of all other loudspeakers use multiple driver arrangements with several crossover points to be able to cover this enormous frequency range, which amongst others always cause phase shiftings and therefore a non time coherent radiation.
    Only below 170 Hz (which already correspond to a wave length of around 2 meter) the bass units are coming into the game. In order to also generate a perfectly smooth transition to the bass units, we positioned them only around 30 cm away from the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver. So even 2 octaves above the crossover frequency the wave length is much bigger than the distance between the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver and the bass units.
    As the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver has no enclosure and is open in the back, the exact ratio and position of the Carbon Excellence Bending wave Driver to the front and back radiating bass units was also very important in order to reach a perfectly smooth transition. Additionally through this open construction we avoid any compressions or colorations from the outset, which were caused by reflections of enclosures behind the drivers within this huge frequency range.

    I hope I could give you a few insides into our special technologies.

    As a next point, I want to give you a small guideline in order to perfectly setup the Epoque Fine loudspeakers in your room:

    1.) In the bottom plate of each flight case, you will find the magnetic stainless steel cover plate for covering the binding post and also 4 Teflon slider feet.

    2.) As you already know, there is a left and a right loudspeaker. The left loudspeaker has a big “L” on the flight case. If you feel a little bit uncertain, Chris for sure would love to assist you.

    3.) When you then position the loudspeakers in the room, please put the Teflon slider feet below the stainless steel feet of the loudspeakers. Therefor the Teflon sliders have a round recession, wherein the stainless steel feet perfectly fit in. Then you can easily move the loudspeakers and you also don’t scratch the floor while doing this.

    4.) In most rooms, the best proportion of the loudspeaker positioning in ration to the listening position is the isosceles triangle, with a leg length between 2,5 to 4,0 meters. Of course you can also vary the stereo basis. If you make it bigger, the stage gets more spacious, if you make it smaller the stage gets more intimate. In most rooms it is better to make the stereo basis smaller instead of bigger, in comparison to the both other leg lengths, as you then increase the distances to the side walls and therefore increase the time till the first side wall reflection hit your ear. But as always this all depends on the room dimensions, the absorption and reflection behaviour.

    5.) In order to get the max. direct sound field, the best sound quality and best sound stage, the left loudspeaker should target directly on the left ear and the right loudspeaker should target directly on the right ear of the sweet spot listening position.

    6.) Please also adjust the tilt of the loudspeakers, so they are equally tilted and really targeting on the ear of the sweet spot listening position and not above, or below. Please check this, as the floor often isn't really even. You can do this by turning the feet. The 4 stainless steel feet have a thread inside, so by turning them, you can lift, or lower them.

    7.) If you find the perfect tilting position, please then make sure that the loudspeaker is standing stable on all 4 feet. If not, you can adjust this again by turning the feet.

    8.) When you find the right position and the loudspeakers are standing stable, you have the choice to remove the Teflon sliders or leave them below the stainless steel feet where they are. Please try out, what sounds the best. As you know, it always depends on the floor and if it needs an additional decoupling. If it is a massive concrete or stone floor it is normally better to remove the Teflon sliders, so the stainless steel feet are directly on the floor. If it is f.e. a floating wooden floor, it is normally better to leave the Teflon sliders below the stainless steel feet. You can very easy remove the Teflon sliders by slightly tilting the whole loudspeakers so the Teflon sliders will be released to put away. Please try out, what sounds the best.

    As always with new loudspeakers, before you seriously start to listen, please give them around 200 hours burn in time in your system. You will immediately notice the differences when they are fully settled in and reached their long term parameters. Every aspect will even get better and will open up completely. The Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver will fully snap into place with the bass section. The whole music presentation will even get more homogeneous and real. You will only hear music and emotions, no electronic or loudspeaker.

    Have fun and please keep me updated about everything.
    What cables (loudspeaker cables / interconnects / power cables) are you using in your setup?

    All the best,
  • Oliver

    Good to see you here! I am using a complete Gobel statement series of cables including power cables, speaker cables and interconnects long time ago before I bought your FINE speakers. Your statement power cables match so well with trinity amp.

    I believe your speaker's holographic capability is the best of the best in the market given zero phase shift over a wide range. I prefer to sit closer to have a near field experience now. When I was using my old speakers (both Wilson and magico), I sit farther away because they have more bass energy and punch, a bit excessive but fun anyway. And I also feel your speakers are very critical in positioning. The relationship between the speaker and my room seems to be more critically than before.

    But I feel happy about it so far.

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick teaser.
    On the following picture you can see the next ready manufactured batch of bending wave membrane’s, waiting to get assembled in our carbon excellence bending wave drivers for our Epoque loudspeakers.
  • Dear Oliver,

    Are you making/planning to make a power distributor?

  • PT,

    Had you received the Goebel statement Ethernet and USB?   I wonder the performance of statement Ethernet in the Wadax link position between trio and Atlantis.  Vetere HB Ethernet has been doing a great job.  And how would statement USB compares to Beethoven?

  • 6 weeks from now
  • edited October 2016

    Had you received the pre production models?
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