AE 3rd Super Hi End Show in 2015

Happy new year to everyone!

For this year, the date has already been set on July 11 at the HK Convention Center. Because many had missed the show in 2014, and they told me I must let them know the dates earlier so that they can plan ahead.

We had already started planning for the 3rd show in Oct 2014. Given the spectacular result achieved last year, the show this year is going to be a huge challenge for my crew. We aim to set new standard again but that requires planning way ahead from the whike team.


  • Hi Chris,

    My 2015 diary marked!
    Won't miss this great event for sure!
    Thank you so much for your passion and perseverance in striking for excellence!
  • Phew!I don't expect you mentioned about the show right at the beginning of a new year! I smell endless nights of headaches for you. The AE show is not about putting some damn stuff together and hit the play button. Anyway, our fingers are crossed....
  • something truly crazy
  • Project: Golden Electric Current
  • This is not an audiophile toy.

    The huge air coils are inductive components without soft magnetic core. Air coils have compared to soft-core coils with relatively small inductances. The absence of a magnetic core makes the magnetisation characteristic curve linear. The coil is critical, because there is no magnetic saturation. Only Siemens in Germany can manufacture it with such big size.
  • Advantages of our Line Filter:
    “normal” line filters work from about 100 kHz – 100 MHz with a peak suppression in the area between 1 – 10 MHz. All these filters is load dependent: A 10 Amps filter will have a different filter curve when loaded with 1 Amp instead of 10 Amp.

    This filter is based on the principle of an artificial V-line, which is normally used in EMC-testing. This filter has a frequency range of 9 kHz – 1 GHz with noise reduction better than 40 dB and it is load independent.

    Using air-coils with a wire diameter of 6 mm no way would limit the dynamics.

    Technically it´s constructed for 50 Amps per phase. The Phases are decoupled from each other better than 80 dB, due to a comported HF-shielded case.

    The filter can be connected to a single phase, dual phase or three-phase output. It always delivers three decoupled outputs.
  • This is really crazy and it is the size of the server rack....are you guys running an electricity company?
  • This one connects to the AC main before connecting to the V filter. Then from V filter to the distribution box
  • Hi Chris,

    You mentioned this Project Golden Electric Power to me casually a while ago.

    I can never imagine it's so huge!

    Is it for your own use?
    Or will you launch it as an Audioexotics product?
  • I like the background! A lab with all the measurement gears.
    Like this invention from ironman garage. Especially the color
  • Installation of "Jarvis" today.
  • The AC mains is firstly connected to the huge isolation transformer, to be followed by the gigantic V-filter. Engineering began at 10:30am this morning.
  • PT, I know "Jarvis" is serious stuff. We need it to beat the "ultron" - the damn dirty electricity as soon as it enters into the room from the building of whatever fucking sort.

    Let's do the usual conference call at midnight 5/10. We shall sort out "jarvis".
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