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Dalby Audio Design Corner



  • The ethernet looks to be awesomely crafted. 

    Does it exceed the Goebel or is the Goebel ethenet still th best?

    Appreciate any comments on the sonics. 
  • Dalby Ultimate Reference Record Weight - solid block of Titanium without angular lines. All parts in titanium. The wood bass is African ebony.  It is good for suspension turntable as well.  

    Lee Paul Dalby’s Statement work - Constellation Record Weigh
  • The Constellation Record Weight by Dalby.  

    This is a new design completely different from the old philosophy.  We have thoroughly tested it and filmed the playback comparing with and without using it.  The improvement is obvious.  To compare, the Durand record weight warms up the top end slightly, the previous Dalby record weight substantiates the bass and density of the mid range.  And some other weights tested beautify certain range to complement personal preference.

    The new titanium starship atop African ebony enrich the perspective of staging - depth, width, height.  Focus of each objects is a lot more spot on.  It is very obvious even from one voice with a piano background.  If I play music with complicated passage, the Dalby constellation improves big picture clarity.  

    Amongst all record weights that I have tested, this one offers the lowest noise floor.  
  • I was with Chris when doing the cruel test of different top tier record weights. The difference is obvious and so easy to tell. Constellation is the most balanced one with most aspects improved, especially on soundstage and liveliness. Once you listened to the beautifully rendered picture of music in front of you, you will find you don't want to switch to other record weights. The ambience this weight can create is very intoxicating that will lead you into the music, my personal feeling of switching to other weights is like waking you up from a nice dream.
  • Instant success of Dalby Constellarion Record Weight 

  • ⬆  The LP system of Big Grass! 
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