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  • edited February 2018
    Am i the first Dalby Ethernet user here??
    this is ethernet is crazy!!! so good! it replaced my vertere after serving for me more than 2 years.
    Even Goebel cannot replace my vertere before. but this Dalby win my vertere even a demo version.
    now i received the final product. this is insane! so good in all way.
    it sound even better after i boil for 24 hours!!
    Another Winning products for AE. now i think AE own the all best ethernet cable under his umbrella.
    Vertere, Dalby and Goebel. All are top league! Congrats!!!

  • kahw兄,聰哥年三十晚送到我家。我把meda ethernet cable用了由router至「華迪斯」server,然後拿起Ipad,第一首聽Glenn Gould的Bach Goldberg Variation。雖然線是全新,但是背景訉嘈大幅下降,琴鍵碰觸的彈力,有非常明顯的改進,更加organic。初一太忙,冇時間聽,但仍繼續煲練。今午再聽,嘩!Glenn Gould和龬琴的距離第一次感受到他坐在彈琴,以往只能說是有明顯分隔度,今次是人和琴同一個空間有著關係。好牛的一條Ethernet 缐!
  • Kahw, You are not alone. I also received received the Dalby Ethernet cable just two days ago. (聰哥 must be very busy that day)

    Not expecting too much from this cable since my Göbel and Vertere together are performing so well for more than a year, I thought I didn't have to change this LAN cable combination ever again. I was totally wrong after replacing the Vertere with the Dalby upon connection. Fresh without further boiling needed, I knew that I was entering into Chris's trap again... Dalby Ethernet cable is definitely a keep. Oh I have to hand him money again! 

    This cable has the standard Dalby signature sound - detail and clear treble, airiness around instruments, deeper soundstage.

    About my music server setup: the Göbel ethernet cable is placed between my Atlantis server and the switch, and the switch to the wireless bridge is Dalby's. My wireless router is physically separated from the audio setup. PS. I am enjoying this Dalby at this current setup so much, I don't want to switch the ethernet cables around yet, would be interesting... 

  • Guys,

    This one is damn fucking good! Lots of ambience info unveiled to the betterment of comprehending the actions on stage!
  • The noise floor my trinity suite is basically non existent especially with the optical module. But the application of Dalby meda ethernet between the switch and the router really brought down the noise floor apparently.  The fading harmonic tail is now expounded rendering a more organic flow of music. The lower register has more texture floating in air, and yet image is anchored on the ground.  I am enjoying so much “organic” silence during CNY.  
  • Yes, the Ambience and very airy. it reveal a lot of background tiny thing. 
    stretch the spectrum wider. both end go further, and firmer bass. Really amazing. 
    Damn, my LP side need to work hard. it win my LP, or close, or different. i cannot tell whose side win now. just different. in term of detail, CAS really win a lot now.
  • What a surprise here! An ethernet cable elates everyone in CNY.  I will receive mine next week.

    Kahw, you are the one who set up Red Sparrow for PT at AE with perfect Azimuth guided by computer?Jlam told me you worked until 4 am in the morning!
  • hehehe! yes! give a full understand of how Veretre arm and turntable work. Cause i want perfect data in setting the red sparrow. 
    Do you have a chance to listen this crazy cartridge? i never experience a cartridge can go so so so fast. make all cartridge sound slow now. even i am using Lyra Etna SL.
    And it was a amazing moment to listen the system alone with different LP by the way.

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    I have nothing more to add.  You guys are much more eloquent than me.  But I am really amazed by the clarity of this ethemet cable to the scene of the music.  For example, I can sense the space between the microphone and the vocalist.  And why does this matter if one may ask me.  It matters very much as it reveals punctuation of the singer much more, amd hence the delivery of the emotion.  For large scale orchestral works, the mass string session is superimposed onto the rest without ambiguity. Contour of the orchestra is sharp and improved delineation of bass notes translates to tunefulness, which makes me easier to dial in.
  • I got mine too. I used in between the switch and the router.  There are so much more ambience details, more depth of staging, very clean bass contour especially in music with complex bass passage. 
  • Dalby meda ethernet cable is an instant hit 
  • Meda Power cable 

  • Wow! 
    Dalby has become hardworking.  Haha
    The plugs are Oyaide M1/F1?
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