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Dalby Audio Design Corner

edited July 2019
This thread is dedicated to all discussions related to the bespoke exquisite audio creations by Dalby Lee of UK.


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    The D7 Ultimate Phono bespoke made for Douglas is about to ship very soon after 2 full years in the making.
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    What are these? The curves plug-ins. Decca, EMI, DGG, etc.
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    Attention to details are no different from hi end watches and furniture
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    The power supply chassis is also made in solid mahogany before applying the metal.
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    Top view of the different curves
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    Broader view of the power supply
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    The Flagship Celestial Ground Wire
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    Mr. Dalby,

    I am going to test you ODE ground tonight. I shall report how does it fare against the Pearl ground.

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    Dear Jeff.

    It's a pleasure to hear from you again after so long. The Ode classification of interface cables are positioned between Pearl and Celestial.

    Performance Levels are:

    1. Reuben
    2. Celestial
    3. Ode
    4. Pearl
    5. Abishai

    The Ode takes over 70 hours to construct by hand and uses an elaborate array of fine ingredients including single crystal copper, pure silver and fine silk. As regards geometry and conductor DNA, I shall stay mute. Allow at least 100 hours for settlement.

    I've taken the liberty to photograph Doug's new isolation devices, the 'Lignum Duo Titanium'. Very Limited in production and availability.
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    Mr Dalby,

    Now I am clearer on the relative performance level of the Ground cable, I am using the Pearl on my K15 which has done an enormous job is cleaning up the soundstage from left to right and from front to back....

    Can you also elaborate on the power cables...I am an early adoptor using U1000, 1500 but heard that there is Ode power cable and so on...

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    Dear Marvel.

    I'm delighted that you are experiencing considerable improvements using the Pearl ground cable with your K15 preamplifier. The Pearl ground will continue to get better as it settles in. We have found that first 200 hours are the most significant. It may differ from system to system however.

    Your D1000 and D1500 cables you have are the foundations of the Pearl range. We changed the geometry and propagation and implemented pure silk as our key insulator. The earthing wires within the Ode cable are also Litz type, silk insulated and vary in size.

    As you would expect the Ode power and ground cables take the performance level from the D1000 and D1500 a stage further. Then we have the Celestial and finally the Reuben. We can talk about those offerings another day.
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    The titanium lignum duo under spiral groove turntable
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    Titanium Duo on the legendary Venture board....wonder what the sound would be like...I recall some crazy audiophile using 3 Venture boards interlaced with different types of spikes/feet....those were the days probably 2 decades ago....
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    Had you already tried ode power?
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