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  • The Dalby Meda ethernet cable doesn't excel only as ethernet cable, but it's also the best performer I have ever encountered when being used as the ProI2S cable between my MSB transport & dac!
  • CKK,

    How does it perform as a signal cable?

  • Yes, performing as a digital cable.
    I2S digital conduction doesn't have an international standard so each brand has its own proprietary configuration.
    MSB's utilizes ethernet cable.
    IMO Dalby Meda ethernet cable is the current best performer for this unique application, in additional to being my favourite audiophile ethernet cable.

    BTW I have just taken the plunge and bought one already!  Indispensable!  Haha
  • I have accidentally stumbled into something quite unexpected that woke me from my many months of  hibernation.  My gears are completely covered with dust after absences from any serious listening for more than half a year.  The Dalby Meda Power gave me a pretty good shock and woke me up.

    Well I didn’t started this, my friend did.  I got a pair of LarsType2 last year, moving up to mono block I borrowed my friend’s power cable that is identical to the one I was using.  My friend went cold for many months and now he is back, and so I have to return his cable, an now I am short.   

    I am left with one Gobel and will need another one to go into either the Robert Koda K10 or Wadax.  The Dalby Meda power gave me the immediate answer I was looking for after just 10 minutes of listening.  It compliments so well with all the gears I have and really took the system up to a different level.  The sound stage - not just deeper, but a sense of depth with all the layers in between.  Translucency is up a notch, but it’s the sense of openness without being deliberate that I like.  The slight harmonic extension is beautiful and somehow there is a level of refinement and elegance to it that is pleasing to my ears.  Somehow it just compliment so well worth the rest of my gears.  

    Thanks PT, what a pleasant surprise. 

  • Morning PT,
    Saw the photos of the beautiful Dalby Jundo usb cable.  Very attractive!

    May I know will there be a Meda usb cable in future?

    BTW would you please explain again to readers the several diff grades of Dalby Audio cables in general?

    Many thanks!
  • 5 levels of Carbon fibre screening
    Ground: Silver Litz using double silk for transmission with separate carbon screening and cotton damping.
    Digital +: Dual silver in silk conductors with silk with separate carbon screening 
    Digital -: Silver foil with carbon screening
    Power 5V: line uses dual silver conductors with separate carbon screening.
  • Hello CKKeung.

    You are correct, there will be a Meda USB arriving at AE shortly. We are finalising the first consignment. 

    Our commercial cable hierarchy has 3 performance classes starting with our entry level Meda, our midrange offering is the Ode Grande and finally the Jundo class.

    All of our cable designs follow the same DNA architecture using soft annealed silver conductors with 3 levels of insulation. There is a dual layer of silk buffering the conductor followed by unbleached cotton fabric. The final layer is a special compound which minimizers internal vibration. 

    The conductor geometry and screening increases in complexity in accordance with the class of the cable. Ode Grande cables benefit from individual carbon fibre screening on each signal or polarity run. Our cable designs are based on Litz propagation with additional use of silver foil in critical areas.

    We are working on a new cable which is higher in performance than that of the Jundo class to match our forth coming ‘DSIA’ Super Integrated Amplifier and our new loudspeaker design. More info will follow shortly.

    May I wish everyone at AE a memorable upcoming 6th show and hope to see you all next year. 

    Lee Dalby
  • Thanks Mr. Dalby for the detailed explanation!

    My CAS audiophile friends and I are very happy users of your Meda ethernet cable.

    We look forward to experiencing the new Dalby Audio products very much.
  • What a pity  the "Wave breaking" amp of yours is not here at AE super show!
  • Hi VoyR.

    It is a shame but art can not be rushed. The DSIA will be with AE shortly.
  • I like Jundo series cable a lot, I have all my fronts served with Jundo pc, and I am lucky to get the first Jundo USB cable after the show, Jundo USB is an extremely musical cable, it brings a much wider soundstage with outstanding resolution and layers than any other USB cables i used before, and it seems it takes the best parts of Goebel USB(in terms of resolution and energy) and Beethoven USB(in terms of density and analogue), and add with a very musical presentation. Jundo USB is thick and heavy, but it is very soft, and it is a piece of art as Dalby does as always. 
  • edited September 2018

    Hi Everyone,

    I've visited many times over a couple of years – but only just joined this forum.

    I’m based in Australia. I have got many of the same products as you have purchased, namely Vertere (USB, Ethernet & Power cords) and recently the Dalby Meda ethernet (which I have not tested it yet – long story).

    Anyway, I just placed an order for the Dalby Meda USB with my dealer in Aus, it should arrive in approx. 3 weeks. I was wondering of any of you have received your Dalby Meda USB and can provide any feedback, if you happen to compared it to the Vertere HB usb or the CAD2 usb – that would be a bonus.


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