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  • I tried turning off router, unplugging Internet cables and usb from my trio server, and also switching off the sever, all single move improves the LP playback, with lesser high frequency noise, more quiet background and a little bit more bass.
  • Dalby,

    You have done a tremendous job on meda.  The achievement is damn meaningful because you finally do something people can access at an unbelievable price point with respect to the quality I comprehend.  And what it does is truly magical.  Everything here is all great products with different strength and different supporters.  But it is extremely rare at such price point I am getting such a big deal. 

    You are the man!

  • 大草師父也用了Meda在 Audio Note M10 signature 前級, 已經不能再拔出來了。他想不到用了特別為他製作的"銀彩"地缐, 也擋不了杜比Meda地缐的真善美.
  • Meda is the first Dalby product which I am able to afford.  It improves my system substantially when connects to my Wadax trio.  I've also tried different positions including my Trinity PA, but I hear a bigger impact when it is connected to the source.  The meda also eliminates the background noise when the trio is switched to phono mode, a problem that has troubled me for a long time.  It surpasses my expectation and I can't wait to get another meda for my system ....
  • l once used it on air one passive preamp. This is a cable u cant unplugged once connected, as u can tell in the first few seconds the improvement. It can further enhance the resolution when u believed u were satisfied, and the most noticeable improvement is on the splendidness in sound this cable can bring. I finally used two dalby cables on my mono blocks and this brings the signature improvement to a higher level. This is simply another no brainer!
  • 終於取得等二條meda,現用於Atlantis server..... 聽返的廣東歌,原來之前個個都係hea 住唱.... 依家音樂感迎面而來,跟原本跟tripoint 地綫相差太遠。   可能有機會又要試第三條在後級....

    另外再加條vertere ethernet 在光盒後, 跟之前用家commnet一樣,空間立體感大幅增加,我的AIM network cable 又要收工了
  • mamm兄, 

    用了第一條meda後, 根本是冇可能抽身, 而跟著便是想追第二條.....可是一早已經賣清, 再加上大草兄也仲了毒, 我可以想像到Troy Elite加了meda一定比我們的Troy Signature更加勵害! Chris説下週有一打新貨翻.
  • Meda create listening atmsphere very similar to listen live performance
     Especially when listen to those concert recordings
  • Hey guys, 

    I confirm my experiences are the same as yours.  Harmonic decays have become natural and tangible.  Contour resolution improves notably particularly in complex passage.  For a single vocal voice, contour of the performer's face is being revealed more. It is quite a big jump in overall musicality enjoyment, particularly when such price point is taken into consideration.  
  • Connected the immaculate Meda to the pre (an ancient and humble tubed mono block from the stone age). In a word, face-off.  The humble pre, it’s owner and his boss were Trinitised like to Trinty does to its die heart followers. Well, you’ve got no choice but to confront with real music in the way it should be in a live performance RIGHT AWAY that you probably never ever experienced. Miracle.
  • May I collectively thank you all for your feedback relating to our new Meda ground cable.

    We hope the fruits of our work will give you a greater insight into your music library, as we believe it sets a new benchmark in performance at a much lower price point.

    The Meda class is pitched at what we would call 'entry level' yet you may find that it's all you'll ever needed in a cable. We have kept the same DNA and philosophy of our more illustrious offerings, yet simplified the construction process by concentrating on a singular geometry, dielectric properties, static discharge rates and conductor insulation materials to name a few. The Conductors themselves are unique by having a pure silver surface over soft copper which avoids the anomalies caused by plating. The result is a cable that we feel is peerless and will find a wider audience that will appreciate the uniqueness of what we do. The Meda ground cable has siblings in the form of Power, Interconnect and Ethernet cables.

    Kindest Regards,

    Lee Dalby

  • Took Friday off, enjoying music alone as both wife and son were away.  My system sounded completely different with 2 new meda cables connected to the sources.  While i was relistening to my favorite albums, rediscovering the missing details & dynamics, the 3rd meda was unexpected delivered....  When it was connected to the poweramp, it striked me by integrating the whole presentation, extending/tightening the bass....  i couldn’t stop listening albums after albums until almost midnight.  

    i am totally satisifed with the current arrangement.  I am also sure higher grade dalby cables can bring up additional improvement, but i still believe meda offers me the best value.

    Emperor is right ... there is no turning back after using the first meda earth cable.   Now I play “hat tricks”.... 3 meda cables serving me!
  • Indeed, the Meda has set a new standard as the 'entry level' ground cable! Thank you, Mr. Dalby.

    Similar to others users in this forum, my primary target connection of this cable is the source, in my case it is the DAC. Expectation was very high of course, as many fellow users have reported compliments about it. I would expect the same. The Meda did not disappoint me for sure. The music presentation has become more emotional with more details. I listened to the entire album of Anita Mui farewell live concert album (2003 Classic Movement) straight, the extra details kept me glued to the sofa. The ambience of live concert was reproduced so nicely that I had never experienced before. The second album is the New Year Concert in Vienna 1987, the clapping in the last track J. Strauss I: Radetzky-Marsch, Op.228 is especially live like.

    I can't say more, those who own one or more should be very happy now. 


  • Chuck,

    where are you using the 2nd Meda?  I followed "mamm" and connected it to the server to my astonishment.
  • Hi Wavac,

    I want to experience the difference one by one, slowly. So far, the DAC is the only component connected with Meda. It will remain this way for another few days. Until I fully accustom to the current presentation, then I will likely connect the second Meda to power supply of the DAC. After that I will likely switch to the second Meda to the server. Though, I would be more than happy if I have a third one to play around with. :smile:
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