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  • Yes, i have got it but not yet connected. Will do over the weekend
  • I applied a set of Dalby lignum/titanium feet under the trinity pc today.
  • After 2 years of waiting, the D7SE phono stage finally arrived at Doug's home.
  • Every corner is exquisitely made.
  • Even the interlink cable between power supply and the main unit is lavishly engineered and crafted.
  • The moment of pure joy when it is finally switched on! It is very open and dynamic.
  • Homevisited Chris again yesterday and listened to his all-Trinity system again with some other friends.

    The only diff from my last visit were : a Crystal Cable Dream Plus usb cable and an ODE ground cable to the Trinity Poweramp (replacing the original Tripoint Signature ground cable).

    The improvement in performance is in all aspects and huge!

    Chris demoed by replacing the ODE back to the original TS cable and we could pinpoint that the performance escalation was mainly due to the ODE.

    What a miraculous cable the ODE is!
  • That ode ground is mine! Waited for more than 6 months!
  • Can anyone share what is the performance of the phono?
  • Dear AE

    May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Dalby brand over the past year.

    I'd like to express my gratitude towards Chris and Jlam of Audioexotics for their loyalty and unwavering support, especially through my times of illness.

    2014 has been an extremely fruitful year with the launch of some very exclusive products such as the high performance ground and power cables of 'Ode' and 'Celestial', and not forgetting the unfathomable 2 chassis, 7 EQ curve D7-SE Phono preamplifier.

    This is where I'd like to personally thank the charismatic Douglas Li for giving Dalby Audio the craziest of commissions which without him would have never have materialised from the drawing board. Douglas, your tastes and requirements are of the highest order and I first noticed this when I visited your home and witnessed a full room of redundant hi-end equipment that was surplus to your requirements. I shall mention no names but the usual heavyweights from Japan and the U.S were there. Never seen anything quite like it.

    I hope your new acquisitions continue to reward you in musically and I will keep you posted on forthcoming products such as the Parousia Turntable, Constellation Stabilizer and the 3 chassis Tri-mono power amplifiers.

    Kindest Regards,

    Lee Paul Dalby
  • Lee,

    Health is the more precious. I sincerely hope that your health will recover completely. Considering the adverse conditions of your health in 2014, you had already done a tremendous job, Please keep up the good work. Your creations are one of a kind.

  • The celestial ground wire is heavenly voiced with Troy signature. No words can describe what it can do to the service of musicality. It is not just about silence in a 2d sense. It is about silence depicted in a holographic manner. The existence of this silence is similar to Chinese paintings' technique of 留白. That is simply another world. The downside is not about price but extreme long delivery time.
  • Jeff, Thank you for your feedback on the Celestial ground cable, from what I hear there seems to be great synergy when used with the Tripoint Signature and Emperor. Please allow 200 hours for it to fully burn in. As you know all of my creations are handcrafted so build times are longer, but we endeavor to reduce these. I will hopefully see you all at the AE15 show and bring along the mighty Reuben power cable.
  • Mr Dalby,

    How crazy is the Ruben?
  • Jeff兄長,可否解釋下"留白"的意思?Dalby 地線厲害非常,有一㳄機會PT做過ABAB demo才明白。
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