Troy Elite NG/ Troy Elite/Empress/Troy signature by Tripoint



  • As promised with PT, I need to post my experience of tripoint Signature into my system.

    My system consist of Accustic Arts drive II, Devialet 200, Franco Serblin Accordo.

    After putting in the Tripoint
    The quietness is as expected

    but the most surprising and beauty is the nuance of the voices
    Especially in Diana Krall and Chai Chin.
    It takes the singers to a whole new level and the realness is so tangible.

    Highly recommended!
  • Not a lot has been talked about on the Thor Master Reference power cable. It is by far a very heavy cable and I understand the cable is wrapped with metallic shielding materials. The power cable also have a small 'piggy tail' for connection with a ground wire into the Troy.

    I connected the power cord with the Trinity DAC and used a stock ground wire to connect it with the Troy signature. In all honesty, I am shocked that the Trinity DAC is 'not there yet' without the power cable. The calmness and shading details are just enormous!!

    This cable is not newly introduced by Tripoint and the amount of discussion in this forum is so far not adequately reflecting its powerfulness synergising with the Troy grounding capability. For those cable lovers and owners of Troy, this one is a must try!

  • The box is finally delivered and is settled for now after the different tryouts yesterday. It is fun to connect gear one by one, such to see the difference and the incremental improvement after each gear is grounded. Will continue to be busy today in exploring the different options.
  • A Tripoint Troy signature has taken a complete shindo suite of electronics to new height
  • A very nice Shindo Suite!

    I think the owner should try some Vertere HB ic and powercords on his EmmLabs combo too. :)
  • Hello everybody. What is in your opinion the most important, signal grounding or chassis grounding?
  • ALL is important.
  • Tripoint inspires a whole new category of grounding product that no one ever thought about it seriously before. Now, there are increasing variety of similar products at different price point satisfying different needs. But to the perfectionist and the most demanding type, Troy signature is the ultimate choice.
  • Presence of Troy signature continues to deepen on all fronts
  • Too many to post.
  • This one also spots the sight of Vetere HB speaker cables
  • Lincoln's double Troy signature remains the prime weapon against ground noises after more than 2 years
  • Another user going for Double Troy signature after comparing everything out there.
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