Troy Elite NG/ Troy Elite/Empress/Troy signature by Tripoint



  • When is the next shipment of Empress due?
  • I am eagerly awaiting empress too.  Also, I am longing for Disc Rotator as well 
  • When is empress due? This is almost 1.5 months without any new stock. 
  • Hi all,

    Just recently bought the Troy Signature and would like to share my experience. There was immediate sense of much deeper space and sound stage in my room after connecting all Troy grounding cables. Then I can hear much better separations for instruments and vocals. Everything just has their own space. The background was dark and so dark that it reveals the notes/details much better. It is like a veil has been lifted to allow everything to appear clearly in my room. The musics seems to jump out and float around me, which creates a sense of bringing in the live performance to my own small listening room.

    Further listening shows the bass was more extended and more impactful. There was more texture and tone to the violin/cello/piano sounds. The singer voice become clearer and emotional. The sound stage expanded left, right and forward while remaining more holographic.

    Now i cant stop listening again to all my favourite pieces. 

  • Miguel,

    The Empress is fucking crazy piece of audio art! It facilitates much better integration of all drivers!  I don't damn know how you achieve such! But this is a damn fucking game changer!
  • VoyR,

    The Empress has been tested with every speaker design available with the same stellar effectiveness. Voice coil, compression drivers, panel, passive radiators, most sophisticated crossovers designs, cannot deliver this natural integration. What speakers are you currently using? Enjoy this new level of accuracy.

  • Miguel,

    I am using Cessaro Alpha 2. Time alignment after your horny empress improves markedly.  Hard to believe there are so much fucking noises around!  Pal, you got to know I am using two Troy signatures and yours truly Orion AC alresdy. 

    A word of advice to you, please work harder on improving your delivery. Time waits no one. Got me?

    Are you a trump guy or the hilarious camp?
  • VoyR,

      Can you share some more thoughts on Empress, now that you have more time with it? Currently working around the clock to improve delivery time.

    Regarding this Presidential election don't want to throw more wood at the fire, have friends in both sides. US is a divided nation.


  • Miguel,

    Your Empress comes from another planet!  The dramatic improvement on integration of drivers yield me a total music experience.  It is so complete.  It is so damn quiet and yet fucking lively and dynamic when the music calls for them.  I feel like all music scene is simply a picturesque accomplishment with depth, serenity, microscopic dynamics, and sometimes I even feel like the singer is whispering to my ears in certain lyrical lines. 

    When I took the empress away, everything falls apart. I like the enpresss. I like to have 2 Queens servicing the very ego of mine to enter into a egoless field of musicality. 

    Miguel, you are damn good
  • Empress is a crazy piece. It improve sound imaging by giving instrusment and vocals space and a clear leading edge. Also the 3D effect of soundstage just got much better. Timing and intergration is the key aspect that got improved so much by removig EMI from the speaker binding post. 
  • A very big fan of Tripoint 

  • Miguel has made a Troy signature with emperor power cable for me. I am very eager for its arrival given my comprehension of the emperor ground cable. 

  • More Empress finally delivered. 

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