Troy Elite NG/ Troy Elite/Empress/Troy signature by Tripoint



  • Betta's system leapfrogged to another level after the addition of 2nd Troy Signature.  In his own words, "a new musical scene is unveiled" after the amps are grounded. 
  • Nice system. What is the speakers?  Why there are no SRA amp stand below the amps?
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    Hi VoyR,
    I am using Magico Q7 and I will upgrade the amp to Trinity when I have enough money , my target is two pairs of Trinity mono amp. The size between my present amp and trinity amp is different , don't want to change the SRA amp stands when I have the Trinity amps , that is why there are no SRA stands .
  • Betta,

    You have a big system out there!  I believe Darth Vader and Longinus here have tremendous trinity amp experience with Magico speakers.  PolyPaul also reported fantastic experience with just a stereo. 

    2 pairs of trinity amp driving Q7 must be damn out of this world! Why don't you begin with one pair first?

    By the way, the double pleasure of Troy signature is similar to the double pleasure of beautiful lady.... Phew!   You eyeballs must see so much more than before when nothing is on the body!
  • The ultimate ground cable - Emperor in the making for 4th AE show 
  • Hi PT,
    Pls give us some info of the new Prince.
    Many thanks!
  • No picture available yet. Prince is an AC conditioner designed to come close to Emperor AC conditioner. 
  • The last Tripoint Emperor AC conditioner on the way to Hong Kong for a very demanding customer 
  • Betta has added one more Troy Signature ground box to his system last week with connection of the four mono tube amps to it. Yesterday I visited Betta’s home and found that he separated digital and analog electronics into two groups with these two TS. In comparing to last time I listened to his system, the bass is much better in resolution and become more defined. This setting has improved the soundstage by clearing the noise so that the bass can go deeper. We tried several times by listening to the same song with or without connecting the tube amps to TS. After disconnecting the amps and TS, the system sounded immediate the same as last time I visited him two weeks ago. I think this move saves Betta’s system a lot from controlling issue. But if he wants to tame his Magico Q7 and to exhibit its potential, switching to Trinity Mono amps is still the only method.
  • The owner of Emperor AC is a big fan of Tripoint. Miguel will not do Emperor AC again given the complexity of wiring inside.  

  • Unclekan upgraded from troy to troy signature today.  Congratulations and wait for his report!

  • Emperor ground cable 
  • Prince AC and Empress are all the way to HK!

  • This is the best ground cable ever made.  I knew because I had been using the prototype for a few months and compared to everything. 

    This is is the final product. 

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