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Troy Elite NG/ Troy Elite/Empress/Troy signature by Tripoint



  • You are lucky. Because the current waiting time is 9 weeks. PT nowadays always talk about the "soul" which I didn't quite catch his meaning until he did a demo of just unplugging one ground cable originally connected to the DAC from Troy Signature (whereas everything else was connected to the Troy signature), I got what he meant immediately. Even if he reconnected the ground cable taken away from the signature to the 1st generation Troy, the "soul" has clearly diminished.
  • I vote this is product of the year.
  • 等9星期好辛苦!
  • My waiting was just over....
  • The improvement is not insignificant. My salute to Miguel...if Troy is the best ground box on Earth, I agree with many that Troy Signature is something from Mars.
  • The Troy storm is coming! Stocks begin to arrive finally. This user whatsapp me immediately by expressing his "shock and joy" at the same time after he just connected one ground cable.
  • Hello! I am that new user. I used similar products before. Troy Signature is in a different league from the others. A sublime transcendence of enjoyment. Incredibly amazing!
  • More and more Troy signature user. A simple demo speaks for itself.
  • Double up Troy Signature! This one with Thor power cord!
  • 草哥也仲了Troy/Thor signature 毒
  • Troy signature keeps finding new home. The latest venture into a Burmester system transforms the system to a level thought not possible by the owner before.
  • More and more and more proud owners of Troy Signature with each passing day.
  • Just received mine!
  • PT suggested me to make a trial on the Troy Signature before he travelled to Munich last week. He sent me a brand new unit on last Thursday and told me if I wouldn't like it his delivery agent would come back for collection on Monday. He emphasised this was his last unit of the current batch and new order could only be entertained in coming July. He was so kind to let me jump in the queue and said to me in confident that I definite wouldn't return it at the end. Over the weekend, I spent at least 6 hours daily to listen my gears in connecting the Troy. I were speechless, it seemed my whole system was being replaced and I found the music background was so quiet. I would say most of the nosies had been cleaned up and brought up the music details no matter on vocal or instruments playback. Thus, I wrote my cheque to keep the unit today.
    My advice to anyone who wants to make improvement on your system, don't make any trial on the Troy or you will regret with your pocket!!!!!
  • Alex, welcome to the world of AE! Troy is a must for all audiophiles if they are serious about music. Have you tried Goebel Statement power cable with your electronics? It is very lethal.
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