Vekian transport

When is it due? It has been quite awhile. Any update?


  • Should be available very soon!
  • It should be running at AE showroom on Monday.
  • Photos please!! And a report of how it sounds vs the Zanden transport (if possible!)
  • The Transport Unit uses 2 types of vibration and shock control systems. These systems include constraint layer dampening for vibration and specially shaped energy absorbing mounts for shock. This includes the equipment foot plate system have been specially designed to transfer energy more efficiently.

    The CD drive uses several types of techniques to enhance the CD servo and laser mechanisms, which are proprietary.

    The components are constructed to the strictest of tolerances utilizing CNC machines, then hand assembled by highly skilled in-house technicians.

    The Transport uses a massive power supply to provide stable power for all the internal electronics.

    The transport uses an extremely accurate master clock that utilizes special synchronization circuitry for the transport and the Stahl~Tek Vekian D/A via the I2S interface.

    The output includes I2S Output via the HDMI connector, the Balanced mode AES/EBU, the SPDIF via the RCA and BNC connectors. The Transport has 2 times and 4 times up-sampling capability on the I2S output.

    Also included is a simple in design and functional remote control that is housed in a precisely machined aluminum body
  • 今午來聽得唔得?
  • Sorry guys to keep you waiting for almost 1 year.
  • Everything about it is engineered and built from scratch according to engineering and physical principles.
  • The solid aluminum remote control.
  • edited September 2010
    The establishment of "Clock Link" reveals how musicians develop each lyrical line - and I guess this is the type of musicality demands by Mr.DV. Now I understand the importance of CLOCK LINK much more.

    Imagine we are taking English class now. A complex and long sentence without pause will be more difficult for the readers to follow even though there is no grammatical mistake. That is why the addition of " , " and " ; " at appropriate place improves lyrical expressiveness. That is called phrasing, I guess.

    That is why the Zanden 2000p/5000s with the super-clock module serves every music lover so well ever since 2003 even though without advanced up-sampling algorithm. The Vekian transport allow the users to choose no oversampling at all aka Zanden or up-sampling to your individual liking.

    Over the past 12 months, the engineer at Stahltek had received valuable comments from the AE community striving to improve the performance from a musicality point of view. Mr.DV commented he loves the authority of the lower register on piano from the Vekian dac but he still felt Zanden is more musical despite the softening in the bass session. Shanghai bigpiece said the Vekian dac plays orchestra/symphony flawlessly but still prefers Zanden on chamber music. All these are constantly feed back to the engineering team at Stahltek. Last but not least, Marvel bro insists a much better feet for the Vekian dac. Now it is there - engineered from scratch again.

    I never imagine digital technology can reach the state at what I am listening now. I feel as though Horowitz is being re-surrected by magic solidly playing in front of me. There is a strong sense of harmony here. The presence is there. The speed is there. There is no hurry. There is no over-powering. The musicality is immense.
  • Another shot of the transport LID.
  • This shot shows the thickness of the LID.
  • Thanks to the suggestion/insistence of Marvel bro, these solidly milled spikes are available for the DAC.
  • Well, I just hate the original plastic feet and in my numerous discussion with PT, I truly admire the design and performance of the Vekian DAC which outperforms by a wide margin of the DACs that I have heard. The latest upgrade version is in the pinnacle in terms of performance and maturity! This feet would put the last icing of the cake on the already superior build quality.

    I talked to PT this afternoon to arrange for the earliest possible audition of the transport mating with the DAC via the HDMI clock link. I know this is another hard to escape item for me, question is always 'when' !!

  • Marvel大大

    我lunch break時已經過了去先聽為快. 我有一種不認得Vekiam dac的感覺. 好似聽緊Zanden, 好流暢, 能夠捕捉到音韻的起伏上落和起承轉合. 鋼琴解象力嚇破胆, Horowitz的左手在低音琴鍵上如流水行雲. Mr.DV所要求的琴鍵彈跳力完全顯然眼前, 精彩精彩. 剛買了蕭公子和Spartan, 要忍一忍手.
  • PT, does it live up to your expectation?
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