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  • Thank you Norman for handling the mixing and control of the concert.  He compliments the performance of the entire system highly. 
  • I was there for a few concerts. The whole JMF system in this room was just too awesome.  Great energy radiating to all corners of the room, clarity is astonishing and lots of structure and details. The demo of Troy Elite at Lily Chan concert was amazing!
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    Surprisingly JMF is very suitable for live performance and events like this. These speakers could fill up the room with very clear sound and evenly distributed energy dispersing to every corner of the room. This character is very important that people in front of speakers won't feel much pressure while people at corners won't find the sound too low. I think it is due to the fan-like horn design.  

  • The 3.7 transport and 2.2 DAC are understated.  I sold my beloved german dac in exchange for the French for a change of taste.  As I listen more and more, it is more than a change of taste. It was discovered by my wife first.  This is great.  We both went to the Live Concert Show this year, and we had the same conclusion. I shall share more. This is such a great find.  
  • I followed Longinus and changed to JMF3.7/2.2.  The system at PT’s home is equally as crazy as AE Sheung Wan.  Lincoln Cheng will write a home visit report soon.  
  • Duncan?
  • I am so glad to put JMF 3.7 Universal transport in action in the studio in Central!  The playback is enriched with much subtlety and lyrics! 
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