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  • JMF 3.7 already shocked me in its outright resting on the SRA Craz rack.  I put the subbase platform underneath and yield a slightly better image contour but admittedly the mechanical vibration prevention done in the transport is already the SOTA that I have seen among all other transports.  It is literally a 2 chasis design.

    Yesterday, I put the Dalby double decker lignum feet (with much difficulty lifting up the heavy weight transport).  It leads to a heightened resolution on the tonality with a more vivid depiction of the contrasts and shadings.  It is a definite 'plus' to the entire performance of the transport!


  • Marvel,

    Inspired by your idea, I put 3 Stillpoints Ultra 6 underneath, I can hear some nano details squeezing out immediately, with extreme live and vivid presentation of every layers of the soundstage. It is just amazing to further explore the potential of JMF 3.7.

  • Marvel,

    Now I know the power of the Dalby Lignum feet.

  • Paul,

    Dalby lignum feet is addictive. I believe Douglas and Mr Ngan in Hong Kong have more than a dozen sets of Dalby feet. The application of lignum double decker by Marvel to 3.7 is luxurious. In general, the titanium lignum set outperform everything out there by a wide margin unless one is looking for extra thickening of warm mid range, then go for harmonix. Your still points probably serve tube electronics better as they do the job of heightening the leading edge well, howvever lacking texture of tone.  But it is still a good set of feet.  

    Just my 2 cents 
  • Paul,

    I have been using platforms like SRA and Subbase after trying almost all the 'whatever' feet in the market until Dalby feet was launched bringing me back to the pain of slotting in these spiked feet with a small spike plate underneath the components.  The reward on the sonical improvement worths every pain is what I can tell you.  It is not a voodoo trial and error type.  It can lower the resonance frequency of the component sitting on it enabling more details can be heard.

    PT requested me to return the double decker this morning as Doug has bought it after sighting them in this forum.  I regret posting it!!

    My recommendation:  Look no further, grasp 1 set if there is stock.
  • Marvel/Paul

    PT told me once Doug has all type of Dalby feet, including some exotic type beyond lignum.  He is the biggest fans of Dalby collecting everything Dalby made. 

    The dalby celestial ac conditioner is also state of the art.  Doug was the first one to acquire it. All dalby products are gorgeous looking and very musical. A new type of UK sound is what I would call. It carries the civilised character of UK chap but with an openness and passion unseen in the older generation of UK sound. 
  • Marvel/Jeff,

    I was deeply shocked when I have 2 sets of Dalby isolation feet underneath the Wadax Server and Atlantics respectively, I can immediately experience the distinctive enhancements, especially the density/speed/bass and the outline of the soundstage, that is really crazy and hard to describe. And I had to call PT for a talk on what I experienced, now I totally understood what brings to Doug's Dalby collection.  

    Thanks for the sharing.

  • I also had a chance to experience the 3.7 yesterday.   Now I understand all the compliments. It is so "un cd".  It is analog equivalent when playing pure audio. I felt like engulf in a concert environment. 
  • Marvel

    What about these exotic Gabon/Macassar titanium feet under JMF 3.7?

  • This set, I was told, also sold....are you getting 1 set?
  • 3.7 sitting on the Subbase Emperor feet delivers a much refreshing spectrum of musical colors leaving no ambiguity on the harmonics tails dimming into the darkest ever background.  

    Whilst I am a firm supporter of SRA, Subbase has been fulfilling its promise to technologically address properly the mechanical noise induced not just by the component itself but also from the floor and air!  

    An absolute must have for those who have been trying many isolation feet but still in vain to find one which can do a proper job!  One can hardly feel any scent of coloration even compared to the most poisonous Dalby feet!!

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