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  • Marvel,

    You sounded like in state of denial during our private conversations.  In the age of CAS, why bothers to spend such hefty sum on a cd transport.  

    I didnt bluff you, now you know.  

    Are you now in a state of awe?

  • Hey guys, I don't understand any damn Chinese words here.  I was in town for a few hours. Went straight to AE from the airport. I wasn't expecting anything.   What the fuck! This damn thing is wake up call to all arrogant computer asses. I wasn't expecting any damn thing. And there is no fucking reviews or listening impression shits here. I need the damn fucking transport!  
  • edited October 2016
    My dear marvel bro, fucking product of the year is no fucking joke.  I ain't saying all other super electronics aren't deserved it. But almost all were anticipated and expected from buddies we followed for years. But this damn French jewel is out of any expectation coming out all of a sudden for Christ sake.  This is a fucking positive shock.  The John Coltrane pure audio format is real fucking kick ass!

    And big brother Jeff, I am sick of you listing all your old shits all over once again.  No fucking need to mention those as no one here references those anymore.  
  • hey VR, you sound like Philippine president! Old man can't change habit easily. 

    So what brought you to HK?  You sound truly excited!
  • VR, one damn point I agree with you is there is no need for any review of it. People won't understand until they listen. 
  • Finally understand what you guys mean after listening after work.  I agree that no one needs to write any review. Because hard to put it in words

  • I agree with you.  To me, game changer is 'revolutionary' and not 'evolutionary' can only claim a product as game changer when that product really shocks the market by a wide margin in comparing with its peers.  Wadax Pre1 was one such product many years ago by combining everything in a box and yet the performance of each and every domain is really outstanding!  Trinity DAC is another one, yes, it is a DAC, its lightweight outlook deceives many of what it is capable to do leaving all the heavy tanks, 3 blocks, 4 blocks far far behind.

    JMF3.7 is for sure a game changer among all the game changers I mentioned above.  It hits the transport domain with a grand slam victory.  For the whole day on Sun, it drives me back to spinning CDs for the 5- 6hours without touching my vinyl systems and J-Remote for the CAS.  It changes my behavior my belief that CD transport is already sunsetting!  I still have a lot more to explore about 3.7 on its decoding capability, TIDAL streaming, etc.  With my limited bandwidth on listening music, I choose to indulge myself in playing back my CDs which have been left dusted for a while after ripping into CAS.

    PT keeps reminding me to go and listen in the AE showroom as he doubts very much whether I can achieve the level of performance in the showroom to understand why he puts it as the Product of Year 2016.  I think I have to wait for a while since the unit in the showroom was just sold yesterday as I was told.

  • Just listened JMF CD transport. We did comparison back and forth to Wadax Atlantis and Vetere LP system. I found this transport is extraodinary. When listened鄧寄塵, the smoothness and density are far beyond of that Wadax Atlantis with hermes server. 3.7 performed more focus and more sturdy of image, and stable of staging. I suggest someone brings along your vinyl in early year release and the same album of cd disc to showroom to compare. Therefore you will know how close the 3.7 performs to Vetere LP.
  • 早2晚再訪AE , 再上1次已是AE show 之前,當夜主角當然是JMF 3.7 ! 1部能夠「撻着」PT 同多位資深發燒友嘅cd transport 到底是什麼1回事!到AE 門前,許冠傑演唱會正在進行中!我覺得用(進行中)比播放中更準確!!
    最後用鄧寄塵比較了Hermes vs JMF . DAC 同用Atlantic . 
    JMF 3.7 對我衝擊是頗大的,亦改變了我的1些想法!但我更期望Atlantic server vs JMF !
    Digital is unlimited 

  • Thanks for PT entertained us, Betta, Ckkeung and a new comer Raymond, for the 3.5 hours auditioning session last night, and after that we all agreed the 3.7 is a great cdt which performs very close to Vetere LP system.

    Betta brought along 19 albums all in pairs of Vinyl and CD version. Every time after replaying CD version then PT switched to the LP to conduct the ABAB comparison.

    When we listened the Cantate Domino CD, O Holy Night, Betta sitting next to me and continued to appreciate the pipe organ and reminded me to take note of the details. JMF 3.7 showed the contrast of voices of the mezzo soprano in a way that let all of us to experience the shape of the mouth varying during the song.

    After we listened the same album of LP, we found that a bit more desity and further extension on both ends.
  • 今天中午去聽了張學友1/2世紀bluray video(轉了pure audio mode)聽, 冇接上小型monitor,我真的以為張學友在我前面獻唱。由於聽吻別快板太爆,有人拍門,以為壞投拆,原來隔離的商戶是張氏粉絲也想進來聽下,再聽一曲遙遠的她,我真的投降了。
  • Finally I took action to include this cd transport in my set up. It will give all my CDs a second life as I thought I almost don't need to buy and play CDs anymore. My observation is, this transport squeezes out more details than LP on the same song, but LP has softer presentation and wider extension of sound. Except this, I really can't see any weakness of this transport vs LP. The flow of music is smooth, natural and linear. The dynamics may sometimes be above LP. 
    I thought the goebel LAN cable will allow LP to lead far ahead for longer time. Really shocked that CD can come this close suddenly...

  • Man,

    I listened extensively to 3.7 over the last weekend, I think you have made the right decision as for modern recording, this transport plus Atlantis DAC/Trinity DAC would squeeze out the ultimate finesse of the original recordings!  

  • Application of Dalby Doubke Lignum Duo feet underneath the JMF 3.7 leapfrogs the performance even further 
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