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  • Roman's mega system!
  • 早幾天在Roman 兄處試聽 ‘曲’ground cable,短短數小時,試咗不同曲式,爆棚、爵士、人聲等等,除咗一貫 dalby ground cable 背景黑、再黑、更黑,令樂器、人聲更立體更細緻外,’曲’ 給我最大嘅感覺,係能量同節奏嘅控制,試聽富嶽百景時,能量強弱對比、各組鼓形嘅大小比例都交代得好清楚、好聚焦。節奏方便,快、慢、收、放、停頓等等,每個變化令音樂更人性化,氣氛、歌手與樂手技巧表露無遺。

    一條超級 ground cable,放在 Roman 處超高水平嘅系統,顯然更有公信力!

  • The effect of this ground wire is beyond imagination. Each note was surrounded with a rich layer of air which I never experienced before, allowing a more 3D stage rendering with hall like sound. It is not just giving u a darker background, smoother sound, etc., it is actually eliciting another aspect of the music. This means this ground cable can drain away some noise all my other ground wires can’t drain. This cable has the ability to transform any systems!
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