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Troy Elite NG/ Troy Elite/Empress/Troy signature by Tripoint



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    Hello Chris,
    The Troy NG is gorgeous!
    I know that it's a special and limited product to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Tripoint.
    Please share with us its special design and sonic performance.  :)
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    It’s still amazing!! The copper binding posts just cleaned up!!
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    AC current purity, conductivity of materials, current stability and grounding of EMI and RFI all have its own audiophile schools of thought.  Naysayers will elude that a certain element of the musical presentation will be taken away and classify this as "snakeoil".  Avid groupies will swear by it.  We shall leave the cost variable out of this discussion.  Ask yourself this: is there a hifi component that will increase the quality of all your components upstream?  Pretty cost effective i would say.

    And this is where Tripoint Audio comes in.  Im a true believer in the physics behind this.  If we are malnourished, how can the brain work at its optimal capacity?  I have seen and heard the effects of a few grounding devices.  From massive copper strips laid in crates of soil and minerals, grounding boxes full of minerals, active computer processor units and high grade silver wiring direct to the neural pin of the power plug, I have seen a few.  Nothing takes centre stage with a standing ovation other than TRIPOINT AUDIO's grounding devices.

    Im not going to repeat all that has been said over the 11 pages about Tripoint's grounding products.  Its all true.  Plugging it in and listening is the crunch.  Please do not do it unless you have the intention of purchasing it unless you just like to torture yourself.  Living without it once you have heard it in your system is depressing to say the least.

    I grounded my phono, pre-amplifier, monoblocks, amplifier to the Subs and the chassis of the JMF PCD302.  With the Troy Signature connected, I loss the side and back walls of my room.  The layering of the instruments went deeper and three dimensional.  Once "shy", holographic vocals presented itself in a forthcoming manner.  I don't need to know what Miguel has done inside that beautifully glossed African Bubinga chassis.  If I did, I may not even understand it.  Twenty years of research cannot be explained in one sentence.

    All components can do with a bit of a boost and pushing them to the extreme most boundaries.  And I would also add: why not?  This has always been the philosophy of AE.  The proof is in the listening.  

    Let the music play.


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    thank you for your effort on writing this out. I still treasure reading words more than looking at pics. 
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