Dalby Vinyl Stabilizer Weight - most exquisite ever made

The parts of Dalby record weight.


  • There are scientific ideas behind the construction.
  • Exquisitely made from within...
  • The bottom-up view
  • The improvement it brings to your analog experience is much more than the aesthetically well crafted workmanship of it. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. They are all pre-sold two months ago. There will be no stock for a long long time.
  • Damn gorgeous like an art piece! Luckily I paid for it two months ago knowing its immediate extinction of "Lignum Vitae" wood.
  • I have tried a number of record clamps, the most recent one is of course the DaVinci one which sometimes I think it is not an absolute 'plus' for putting it on top of the record. In many cases, it brings more images stability and texture but in some cases, it sort of 'contraints' the liveliness of the music. After using the Dalby feet on Zanden and Takumi K10 all bringing a clear cut positive contribution, I have no doubt that this record clamp is the answer for stabilizing the record tracking without colorating it. Although the Lignum Vitae wood version may not be supplied anymore, the ebony wood version should outperform many, if not all, in the market. Can't wait to get mine....

  • Gorgeous aesthetic. Merticulous craftmanship. Glorious tonal texture. Spacious staging. Sweet at the right place when the music calls for it. It elevates the Da Vinci AAS Gabriel to a level that is not known to me before.
  • VR,

    This vinyl stabilizer is no different from jewelry. No one takes such simple accessory over the roof like Mr.Dalby. I have privately commuciated with him in numerous occassions. He is a perfectionist.

    The cost-no-object D7 line-stage is under my review now. I will deliver a comphensive review of Mr.Dalby's extremely fine products from isolation feet, record weight all the way to the ultimate D7 preamp.

    I am thankful of Jlam putting the trust in me to do this writeup. I was writing it for 2 hours but the arrival of the vinyl-stabilizer just stole all my attention. I took it out from the fine box. I like that feeling..., the feeling of mass, the feeling of substantial, the feeling of content and the feeling of exclusive. The aesthetics are breathtaking and the finish of it eclipses everything out there. And that smell of the "Lignum Vitae" wood is seductive to say the least.

    When it is applied on the Gabriel, the tone of Erica Morini's violin melts my wife down. She stopped playing cards with her freinds and ask what cables had I changed again. I showed her the Dalby clamp. She was surprised by the beauty of it too and asked me "is this Hi Fi stuff?"

    The distance perspective between the violin and the piano is very apparent. Before the dalby clamp, I called it "separation" but the distance perspective is no as solid as now. The pianist at the back is now playing with my confidence as the control of bass keys is very stable. The enrichment of tone is not achieved by overdosage of midrange. It is the abundance of mid-range harmonics enrich the tone. It may be the resonances of the Lignum Vitae wood that is causing ear-gasm. I don't care. No time for analytical works now. Time for music.

    I am going to enjoy it more with my friends tonight before I write anything more.
  • The record clamp is gorgeously built and demonstrated in every sense the seriousness and precision in designing and engineering this masterpiece. After using the Dalby feet, the acquisition of this clamp has only taken me 1 minute to reply to Jlam confirming the order a few months ago...this is a record for me in deciding to buy such a exotic and expensive 'accessory'.

    When putting it onto the Horowitz Last recording spinning on the Gabriel, I immediately realise the legendary design team behind Dalby has made another marvelous product which stand out from all in the market, period. This may be an un-verified statement for me since I have not tried every exotic record clamp. Even if there is one coming close in terms of performance, I doubt very much the craftmanship would rival this meticulously built equipment. Every single keystroke by Horowitz carries more details on harmonic decay, physical separation of different keys on the piano with a 'describable' distance from the inner space to the outer space between the 2 speakers...

    More to report...

  • 此Dalby "龍璽"厲害萬分, 昨天聽友人說親耳聽証了Marvel兄在植師父一個幾千元的唱盤用上了幾萬元的龍璽的分別後, 大家目定口呆. 聽說此極級毒物已到了草蘆.
  • This is an extraordinary analog accessory.
  • Tonight, I continue to listen with and without the clamp for more varieties of music. Not only the images are more focused, they also become richer in contents. The lyrical smoothness in the music is more apparent delivering a contiguous musical message! With the clamp, I can ven reduce the toe in angle by 1 to 2 degree to achieve a bigger width and height on the soundstage which in the past, such was slightly compromised for a better focus of the musical images.

    The difference of using and using this clamp is like wearing and removing my pair of glasses to view the objects in front of me.

    Though it is just 1Q in 2012, I dare to it is my vote for the Best accessory for the Year, bar none.
  • DALBY"龍璽"真係一鳴驚人! 冇親耳驗證真係唔Q信! 肥仔用NVS/Trinity播Emil彈貝多芬Moonlight, 用和不用 "龍璽"尤如整套系統無用Troy的分別.
  • Marvel,

    I concur the Dalby is extremely likely to be Product of the Year for 2012. That is not to say La Source and others are not as good; quite the contrary, they are very good in their own right. But it is truly a jewelry grade product and never have I seen anyone build something that is so uniquely engineered in such a simple and yet hard-to-perfect accessory. This is indispensable for all analog lovers, the serious type. Price may seem out of reach at first glance, but the subsequent ownership and improvement brought forth are speechless.
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