What is your greatest buy from AE in 2009?

Tell us your vote. If it is difficult to pick one,
share with us your top 3 buys from us this year.

Merry Xmas!



  • Troy by Tripoint, Wavac AC-2, FMR cables
  • Troy, Grimm CC1, FMR ic
  • Troy, AC-2, FMR cables
  • Da Vinci Cartridge, Zanden phono mk3, and Troy
  • FMR, Troy, Da Vinci AAS Gabriel
  • Wavac AC-2, organic interconnect cables.
  • Troy, Wavac AC-2, and FMR cables.
  • My first ever post here but a loyal silent readers. Personally I am thankful of the AE way of business. The superb product mix rekindles my interest in hi end audio. The best buy for my 1st year are:

    1. Troy
    2. FMR cables
    3. Da Vinci tonearm/cartridge
  • Coral Feet, Troy, FR ic
  • 鋼琴調音師,

    來自馬來西亞的選擇如下 (每樣都很抵玩):

    “有機”線 (信源線和喇叭線)



  • PT, you led us to audio heaven through the "hell". I am sure our community would like to know which products really "catch" your heart. Please tell us honestly.

    Once again, I am real appreciative of your knowledgeable support and patience all the time. You had sacrificed a lot of family time to serve us. Spend more time with your son next year.
  • My one and only one buy from AE but also the best value for money of all my other hi fi purchases this year is the Organic interconnect cables.
  • Sunray by Tidal, Robert Koda's Takumi, Troy by Tripoint
  • My vote would be AC2, not because it is the last product to get into my system causing the most 'rippling' effect. I think it is a fundamental tool to improve the quality of the power supply without which the noise introduced through the power can really blur up the details making differentiation between ambience/air and noise very difficult.

  • The Troy by Tripoint is definitely my choice. Ever since the installation of it (the merits needs no more elaboration given the rave success of this), wherever I go to listen other system, I can only hear "ground noises". When others came visit my system, they did not understand where does the improvement come from. They feel it is the cable, the new amp but never would they believe it is an accessory that bring me such dramatic jump. I'm truly a proud owner of it. A majestic invention.
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