Wavac 833/Cessaro Affascinate Party on Thursday

Studiogrey hing suggested Thursday. Anyone OK? I am OK.


  • If it is Thurs evening, I would love to ear-witness the power of the irresistable.
  • Unfortunately I cannot be available on Thursday evening, how about Saturday starting at 3:00 p.m.? We can have more than half day to audition the power of the Wavac + Cessaro, I wish most of you could join the party.

  • Grey hing, can you make it on Wednesday? It's difficult to gather many interested parties at the same time. Week days work easier for family man.
  • 找又要去! 但我仍在星洲! 食沙佬真係能殺人於無形嗎? 833推此號角不敢想像!

  • Is Saturday confirmed?
  • PT, sorry but Wednesday back to China with a buyer :(
    Try to get a permit ma.
    Saturday I'm O.K
  • OK, let's party this Sat then!
  • Anyone who would like to join the party, please contact Chris for my address.
  • Danny,

    Tomorrow's Wavac/Cessaro Party will be a big one. As far as I know, the following participants are confirmed:

    1. Studiogrey
    2. Charles
    3. Alecy
    4. Marvel
    5. PTsang
    6. Ah Hung
    7. Ah Hung's customer
    8. Ah Hung's customer
    9. Piano Tuner
  • Confirm on Fri or Sat now? May i ve a sit?
  • Put your name down la.
  • I think should be Saturday!?
  • Saturday, 3pm.
  • The Cessaro/Wavac party kicked off sharp at 3pm. Although there was some connection problem with the EE spk cable in the first 30 minutes, the problem was finally solved. Ralph from Germany even called Danny knowing this big Wavac/Cesaro party as the desinger is interested to know what kind of sound will come out when the 833 with 150watt class A power feeding a horn with 100db efficiency.
  • We listened to the Wavac 805 driving the Cessaro for about an hour before swapping to the 833. There were many discussions about phase correction, room acoustics, and specualtion over the the sound after the installation of 833.

    We are very thankful of Studiogrey who transported the almighty and monstrous 833 all the way from Kowloon to Dso' home.
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