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Virgin Show of Zanden 2500 1-box CD Player

Bigpiece from Shanghai was so eager to open his xmas gift - Serial 001 Zanden 2500 CDP.


  • He asked me, "Do we need to assemble it after seeing a separate base plate?" I said I don't know because this is the 1st one in the world. Later, we found out the body of the CDP is entirely decoupled from the base plate for vibration control purpose. The feet are all made by metal.
  • The CD Lid is meticously made.
  • It was wired by SMR SE XLR Bocchino and 4-year old Level One powercord.
  • The testing system is via the amplication system of Da VInci Grandezza.
  • Bigpiece sitting on the Wegner Wing Chair was "speechless" , considering the unit was freshly out of the box for 20 minutes this morning. He was not sure whether it is the magic of Da Vinci or the Zanden 2500CDP that touched his heart so deeply by Mozart's Violin Concerto performed by Mutter.
  • Before Bigpiece heading back to Shanghai, I took another shot of the backside.
  • As an owner of 2000p/5000s for more than 3 years, I have to say the performance of this "one" box CD player is beyond my expectation. I know Yamada san has fine-tuned the design by "N" times, postponing delivery of it month after month. This is just a one box CDP, what took him so long to finish is the question inside my heart. I know the answer today.

    Another Salute to Yamada san. And let's wait for Bigpiece's report on the merge of the 2500 CDP with his Wavac/Horning Eufrodite when he's back in Shanghai.
  • The CD player is very beautiful, my dream^o^
  • Bigpiece,

    You really do have taste...this is another masterpiece by Yamada San and I think it is very close to the performance of the 2000P combo+5000SigDAC particularly when Yamada san has spent a few important days in HK a few months ago listening to the Cessaro. i am sure he has modified the design of the CD player by mind adjusting to the sound produced in his laboratory by the B&W.

    But you are such a good friend la!! You went to collect the Zanden player without informing me to come over and listen to it prior to taking it back to Shanghai. I was on the phone with PT late this afternoon and was asking to listen to the player but PT said it is on its way back to Shanghai!!

    According to PT, the main unit is 'decoupled' from the base, can you share a bit more with me?

  • Marvel,

    The "presentation" of the 2500 is "close" to the 2000p/5000s. The evaluation criteria of other attributes, however, the supremacy is still held by the 2000p/5000s. That said, I am very very surprised by the sound quality of this 1-box CDP. Yamada san once told me the challenge is how to make a CD player at around half the retail price of the 2000p/5000s, which is still close to almost USD25,000 retail for a 1-box CDP. It must not be just good, but damn damn excellent in many regards because at this price point, many would choose CD/DAC. And this CDP has no fancy upsampling tech but simple 16bit DA technology back in the 80s. Again, this CDP is intended for music lover, not bass freak or imaging/soundstaging fanatics.
  • It is a good idea to get one for my office. Am I in a long queue? What is the lead time like?
  • Studiogrey,

    E has gone but you still need a top notch CD source although you are now more obsessed by LPs. Your N-CD is not up to speed, I would strongly recommend you to consider this given your lstening experience in my place on the Zanden combo.

  • Got back to Shanghai very late but still could not wait to unpack and plug it to my Eufro system. After the short encounter in PT's Davinci suit, I know how it would sing in my system.

    It is a one box cd player but it doesnt sound like a one box cd player, it sounds pretty close to its big brother. Dont be disguised by its physical dimensions.

    I said to my wife that we have a new "Rice Cooker" for this x'mas. Looking forward to cook some good dishes, rice and congee. Will share how delicious they are...

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