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Project Beethoven by Cessaro

edited April 2017
My friend, Romanovym, has started his grand project in becoming Mr. Cessaro since last year by first acquiring the Cessaro Air1 preamp.  He then laid out his roadmap to acquire the matching Air 2 power amp.  The scarcity of this amp is limited to 10 pairs due to the supply of the rare tubes used.  Followed by the mega horn system Beethoven with 4 active field coil drives and 4 external power amps to drive the bass.  The entire project takes about 18 months to complete dove-tailing nicely into his move to a new apartment in early 2017.  I was told the choice of the apartment and its subsequent renovation plan were also based surrounding such mega system.  Ralph and I did a site visit in Jul taking details even to measure the size of the lift and staircases to ensure a smooth setup of the gigantic horn base.

I am very delighted to be part of the team to make this happen and according to the latest projection, Air 2 will be delivered before the end of the year and Beethoven early next year.

I will leave Romanovym to further elaborate on why he wants to take up such challenge in his pursuit of the musical presentation that he longs for!


  • A design photo of the Beethoven
  • All these are due to a poisonous friend Marvel, and the always boundary breaking AE showroom, plus some inspiring home visits...   
  • Roman,

    Bravo!  One big step into the extreme end! You need many experienced ears and hands to set this Beethoven up!
  • Is this by far the biggest Cessaro horn system in HK? I was stunned by the Universe in the 3rd AE super show and the reproduction of organ remained so vividly in my mind until now. 
  • Roman,

    Rome is not built in one day.  It seems you are doing it in one big step. This is damn serious attitude!  Is this your choice of color? That is solemn and elegant at the same time.  

    How many cables are required for this mega system?

    Damn it.  I thought this must show up in China first.  Bravo!

  • Supposingly using 8 power cables but Ralph can make it 4 without affecting sound quality. I love it black with that romantic purple. 
  • Roman!  The horn school of thought is rising!  What drives you to go for the extreme mega horn solution?

  • The dream of reproducing live music at home is always haunting me and I think no systems on earth can produce that ambience, until one day I listened to the extremely fast mid bass horns, the very real reproduction of drum sounds made me feel horns may be able to do that, especially mid bass horns. Then only beta, gamma and beethoven are under consideration. Finally, the additional treble horns, additional subwoofer amplifiers, front loaded bass horns, highest level of sensitivity of Beethoven making it stand out from others. Knowing that Ralph also uses Beethoven at home, I think this should be the right choice. 
  • Roman,

    That is a wow!  Including ground cables and all other interconnects going to the big bass horn etc, this will be a scene like AE super show!  Are you going to use 3 X Troy signature?  Empress is a must for such high sensitivity horn.  

    How to move this beast into your home?  Did you buy a house for this speaker?  I think the setup will take a week at least. 
  • Another color
  • The picture is an understatement to demonstrate the sheer size of this monster.  
  • Many would have chosen the white color, including myself and Ralph, for a safe bet to get buy in from wives and integration with the home furniture.  Romanovym chooses black and interestingly PT also chooses black when I asked him.  This is a 'bold' and 'daring' choice!

  • Mr Cessaro

    when is your gigantic Beethoven horn system due?
  • Should be next Feb or Mar
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