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  • It was a quicker than expected setup. Crates arrived at 10am. We were all hooked up and completed by noon. Did not have a balanced cable long enough for the subs, so we rushed over to Adelphi to buy a cheap cable to complete the setup. Ralph tuned the system till around 5pm, but both him and PT will be back tomorrow morning to show me how to understand the dozen or so knobs behind the Carmens. But frankly, the sound right out of the box and after we powered it on was jaw dropping, and it only got better. 
    The speakers are BIG. But i guess I chose a colour that is not too imposing so they kind of just sit silently without overpowering the living room! 
    Just beautiful sound that brings you into a special space that you don't want to leave...

    More tomorrow.  if any AE fans want to come here to hear how they sound, please send me a note.

    The Katongkid
  • Katongkid,

    That's a fabulous setup!  I wonder how much better is your Carmen FC better than the Carmen at AE. Where is your field coil unit? Woofer? Mid range?

    Trinity with Cessaro is great match. For those who visited PT's Brahms/Rach system should know the level of excellence.  

    It is time for you to get a super dac and an bigger vinyl setup to match the aesthetic.  I like your big SRA black rack.  Very cool.  The carpet? on the wall bought especially for your Carmen FC?
  • Carmen is a great speakers. PT has been using it for more than 3 years.  The addition of field coil bass should be a nice touch and likely to be a significant improvement.  
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    Its not a carpet, but a piece of thick Fabric (from Marimekko) thats stretched out across a simple wooden frame. 
    As for the SRA rack, I had it custom ordered from PT. I wanted something wide and I specified the height between the shelves.
    I also requested for a black colour as I feel it looks more exclusive compared to the standard brown.

    The Carmen's dark brown horns look very very good with the black. I don't think the photos give it justice. It does not have the loud 'look-at-me' finish, but its more subtle and refined and exudes class.

    The Carmen FC sounds amazing and yes, I'm in the process of getting the Super DAC and next would be the vinyl setup!

    Wanted to thank Ralph for flying to Singapore to set this up. It was a relatively painless  setup, and the sound.... WOW!

  • Kangtonkid,

    What a speaker you bought!  The Carmen at AE is tremendous.  A FC version of yours must be phenomenal. How are they running in?  By the way, it matches your home decor so well!
  • Longinus,
    Thanks for your kind comments. Out of the box the Carmen FC performed flawlessly. Both PT and me where shocked and he mentioned it sounded better than the one at AE! 
  • The upcoming Gamma EX horn to Hong Kong

  • Roman's Beethoven system is finally ready to be shipped 

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    The first mega Beethoven system setup ever in HK.

    Let the party begins!
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    Luckily Roman`s place has a large podium and there aren't too many resident going in and out.  Quite a scene!
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    The footprint is enormous even in a 600 sqft living place
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    Base construction completed.
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