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Project Beethoven by Cessaro



  • edited April 2017
    Today's work almost done.  Tomorrow will be the connection up.  Progress is faster than expected
  • edited April 2017
    Final steps to test the power amp and field coils drivers....
  • edited April 2017
    Air 2 serving the Beethoven sounds so natural and organic resembling so much my experience in Ralph's place 3 years ago. Absolute dream team!!

  • edited April 2017
    Sitting on the matching subbase Shambala amp stand!

  • edited April 2017
    Another shot before we call Saturday off meeting Master Zanden for dinner with Ralph.  Today is most rewarding from the progress and the number of issues encountered!  

  • Roman,

    What a truly mega system you have over there in terms of price and size!  Even Marvel is running Air 1 solo without the corresponding air 2 mono amp.  In my opinion, for mega system, please try to avoid mix and match (especially pre and power) in spite of the fun of trying different brands because of impedance matching and gain issues.

    Your amp stands are beautiful too!  Maybe you need some acoustic works on the ceiling.  You got a very nice apartment with beautiful sea view.  Please report progress when time permits.   Had you connected Tripoint Troy signature and Empress?  For such high sensitivity horn of more than 110db with tube electronics, you need them seriously.  I can see you have the trinity ac conditioner, the best in my opinion.  I am using two of them..
  • Wow!  Roman you are crazy!  I hope fat boy Kim is checking this site out from North Korea.  He should stop playing with fire and order a Cessaro horn with the name of a "Korean missile" made special for him. Send Marvel and Ralph over to N Korea to set the system up playing Anti US music every fucking single day.  Music saves the world!
  • Roman, you are seriously cool!  What a system there!  You need to work hard as big brother Jeff suggests.  The ceiling is an issue.  

    Also, where is your analog system?  With such crazy system, you should play vinyl.  Is your extra rack coming soon?
  • Really a few busy days to set this up, and luckily things go smoothly. I still need to install curtain and unpack my stuff, and then adjust the rack position, before fine-tuning other room acoustic issues. 
    The speed of this system is crazily fast, with crazy dynamics. When Ralph played a track from Ein Straussfest, Marvel, Eddie and I all jumped in shock. We all thought there was real explosion. 
    I think there is still a long way to get the perfect integration but in many aspects, the sound already surpasses AE showroom's (sorry Chris, if this is too direct). I can hear a lot more from the songs I am so familiar with before. The live feeling is unbeatable. 
    I may need to get a new rack which can fit in between the speakers to avoid blocking the energy, really a long way to go to unleash the full power of this beast. Fortunately I just got one serious hobby. 
  • Roman!  Chris must be happy for you!  You are not using any Wilson/Magico conventional stuff, come on!  The Beethoven is on top of Beta 2 with higher efficiency.  Everything is time aligned. The speakers are several notches above Carmen and cost more than HKD5 million if you have all field coil bass drivers!  You must be better than everyone including brother Jeff!

    Your system needs to be judged by the correct context - your subsequent effort and dedication to details.  I would like to come over and pay a visit when you are ready. 

    All of us here in Japan are following this thread closely. Thanks for all the excitement!

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