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Project Beethoven by Cessaro



  • Roman

    The green romance of Cessaro in Munich caught many off guard.  How is your system doing?  That is a lot of work for you.  Please share more as you progress. 

    We are very interested in sharing your pride. 
  • Finally got all absorbers and bass traps in place. It helps to make the background quiet, reducing a lot of standing waves. The vocal and all other instruments in the right size and yet the stage is still very large and splendid. This is really the unique strength of horn speakers. 
    The silhouette of each instrument and vocal has improved a lot! Beethoven is really an elegant beast. 

  • Roman,

    Great job!  I would like to pay a visit to experience your mega horn system one day.  I can see you have done serious acoustic works in your room to make them fly.  What is your next move?  Had you finally connected Empress?

  • Empress will be my next move at year end. Two more diffusers are coming to improve bass resolution. I think once the Atlantis server is back and the TT is set up again, you are all welcome to pay a visit.
  • Roman,

    I had a chat with PT yesterday.  He told me Javier of Wadax complimented your system is true state of the art.  I would like to pay a visit to you as well when all is ready.  
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