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Agoria - the most important speaker ever for Tidal

It will be premiered in Munich Show next week. The Agoria is highly anticipated as it represents everything Jorn Janczak knows about speaker technology has put forth in this masterpiece. Everything is well thought out backed up detailed research. The new material science technology employed in the cabinet itself is groundbreaking.


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    Owners of Tidal speakers know they belong to the elite group. Musicality free of coloration is not easy to understand. It takes time to understand the speakers. It takes even more time to understand the meaning of "coherence" and "integration". Most importantly, you have to have a strong will and walk your own path without being influenced by anyone's opinion.

    But once music is presented in its purist form, argument ends. There are indeed right and wrong in this field. It is your choice of righting the sound or wronging to your favor, often for awhile, then change again. Not the case with Tidal speakers. All Tidal speakers owners on our record will only go back to Tidal speakers for only one reason - there is absolutely no competition from the same genre. The complete musical landscape is presented as an uncut fibre.
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    And there will be not enough stocks to satisfy demand for this year. Owners of Agoria will belong to the club of "exclusivity" differentiated by your level of knowledge in this hobby. It defines your taste, maturity and wisdom. It will be a mind boggling experiences, especially for those who had already tasted what the Sunray/T1 are capable of.
  • The Agoria is simply breathtaking in every aspect. Many would not dispute it is even better than the Sunray in several attributes especially in terms of bass weight. This is another cornerstone of speaker art by Jorn Janczak of Tidal.
  • Two impulse amplifiers driving the Agoria fully active.
  • The simplicity of the Flow center betrays the complexity of manufacturing. The prototype was shown in 2011. It took Ulrik Madsen one full year to finish it. Why? Because the whole Flow center is only comprised of 3 components! There are practically only 3 JOINTS - unheard of from any power bar even those exquisitely made in Japan. The tooling machine requires to manufacture the Flow center is expensive. The AC sockets are not off-the-shelf Oyaide or Furutech from Japan but in-house made resins (looks like wood) - the same material as those found from FMR XLR interconnects.

    The entire Tidal system was connected to the Flow center in a star-grounding schematic. Though it is neither a filter nor an AC conditioner, the stability of imaging to be felt from the Agoria is rock solid. This is a very serious stuff.
  • A closer shot of the Flow center.
  • Good news to Piacera/Piano diacera owners - a matching subwoofers are shown this year. With the addition of the sub, energy simply fills up the room!
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    The Agoria represents Jorn Janczak’s lifetime achievement in transducer design. It is more than a pair of speakers. It is a completely transparent window for you to jump into the recording. Coherence from top to bottom is given. But what’s more is the ultra ability of speaker to reveal the dynamical character of music with pitch perfect bass note resolution. Bass weight varies in tandem with the bass characteristics of different instruments and voices. The bass dives very deep if your room allows the wave to develop. Transient resolution are tremendous preserving the agility of leading edge and the subsequent dimensionality of the decaying tails.

    The Agoria has the ability to reveal the “atomic structure” of each note. On the playback of piano recording, this is simply an experience. The reconstruction of the sound-field alongside the acoustics characteristics of the recording venue has never been so well done bringing back you to “there” together with the artists. The advance in material science technology being skillfully applied to the cabinet of the Agoria has brought us into a whole new world redefining the meaning of “resolution”.

    The Agoria must be appreciated over time gradually. The more I listen to it, the more I sense there is a “morality” element behind the speakers. It never betrays you by coloration. It offers the most direct relationship ever between you and the recording. Why does this matter? Think about the following analogy. A school is a place to educate citizen. By introducing advertising to the school to solve the problem of under-funding, the relationship between the school and the students is changed. Should we start breeding consumers in the school? Or should the school be strictly a place to educate citizen? Or is it a better deal to do both? There is no right or wrong in this analogy. “I cannot decide for you. You have to think about this by yourself.”

    In the high end world, it is all about business. Make no mistakes about it that I am doing Hi Fi business too. But that is exactly the point where we should treasure non-commercial orientation items put forth by someone who offers you the most direct relationship between you and the artist.

    If the Agoria cannot touch your soul, I have no idea what can. It is just that you need to work harder to achieve this goal. First, you must have the right tool. Second, you must be able to walk your own path and protect your own thoughts. Third, forget everything and live music together with Agoria – the greatest transducer ever made of this size.

    Salute to Jorn Janczak

  • PT,

    The "morality" part is extremely thoughtful. Relationship itself is a changing commmodity often to the manipulator's favor. If the recipient enjoys the act of the masquerader, why bothers? That's the primal spirit of those Anglo-Saxon philosophers. It is the end that dictates right or wrong but not the "mean". Morality has no place in the modern world under the triumphship of capitalism. But this is going to end soon. Wise guys will survive.

    Well said, dude. That is called depth.
  • Mr.VR - Your writing is always very interesting. Are you getting Agoria?
  • The imaging projected from the Agoria is rock solid, even more stable than Sunray. It is not easy to imagine especially those have recently auditioned the analog supremacy at AE1. This feeling, however, is not dead. It seems as though the micro structure of the musical note and the sound field always emerges from a very very silent background. Maybe, an easier analogy is to think of each driver of the Agoria is connected to a dedicated Troy. Of course, there is no troy inside. And that means the mechanical resonances of the cabinet are extremely low. The kind of silence and ultra stability is also similar to the very first feeling of placing your amps on SRA Virginia platform. Noises vanish withotu a trace.

    On the back of such mechanical integrity, you got structure within structure; layer beyond layer; depth beneath depth. And yet everything is presented still as an uncut fine fabric.

    The bigger bass drivers will make everyone even more happier because bass can dive deeper without adding subwoofer for a given room size.

    You can drive it active or passive. But I still prefer Analog domain driving them full range as the reservoir of power seems unlimited. Switching to two Tidal Impulse stereo amp driving them in active mode renders a different listening experience. It seems transparency (already at very high level) opens up further until all kind of nitty-gritty low level details all surface up. One may need to re-orient himself for awhile to such level of transparency. This level of transparency will reward you a transcendent and ghostly experience if the recording quality is excellent. You are breathing the same air together with the artisit in the same room. That is the power of driving the Agoria in active mode.

    But the Impulse amps are undoubtedly much better than the Impact stereo, with much more resolving power and driving stamina.

    Jorn, congratualtion that you have achieved a milestone in your career. This is not a small feat. I feel proud to side with Tidal on day one as I see other people keep running circles around Avalon, Magico and especially Kharma. You are simply in a completely different league. You just need to educate customers more.
  • Uncle Ray, do you mean Sunray is relegated?
  • Uncle,

    From what you have described, Agoria does have some edges over the Sunray especially on the cabinet rigidity perspective...please share more....

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