Robert Koda’s ground breaking amplifier - 匠心 Takumi K160 mono amplifier/K15EX/K10



  • Dear Chris,

    I am moved and saddened after reading your last comment. So beautifully written, so in tune with the music and the "acrobatic" performance of K-160.

    K-160 was designed to show many, often conflicting emotions within the same instant. A very difficult "maneuver". It is only thru this way the beauty of all complexities and genre of music can be unfolded into the listeners heart and mind.

    Hong Kong too as I remember is a city of exciting conflict yet fiercely balanced within a harmony. West and East. Historic and modern. A home of a diverse and active life filled community.

    I hope with every bone in my body that Hong Kong may continue to carry the torch of liberty and human endevour into the future.

    Audio Exotics and those music listeners who have in the past chosen Robert Koda as their instrument of choice are as much responsible for the making as K-160 as I.

    There a few others too; my wife Hiroko who has not uttered one complaint but rather given her full support over a very long, dangerously expensive and on many occasions frustrating venture - A ten year road that has drawn every once of effort from my body and mind. A thank you too to my dear friend Philip who continues to direct my focus when it weakens so that I can work thru each hurdle.

    My wife realized upon listening what we created. She said "I feel like we have come to the end". "I am tired but filled with adrenalin".

    I replied, "This is not the end but the beginning of a new journey".

    Thank you to all those who have given such unconditional support!

  • This is one of the highest quality threads ever written by everyone. Salute to Robert who probably decimated his family time and finance to conclude the Takumi K160.  I was moved by PT’s writing and I was also saddened by what is happening in Hong Kong now.  The last movement of Beethoven’s symphony 5, because of PT’s experience, also led me to play the symphony 5 in my system. That is a difficult piece to shine. I wonder how far away is mine from your Divin lab.  From your writing that I had followed for a decade, I knew I am not there yet. 

    Robert, your participation here is great. 
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  • Piano Tuner
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    Robert Koch is coming to Hong Kong to officially launch the Takumi K160 mono amplfiiers 匠心 at Divin Labs, flagship showroom of Audio Exotics in Hong Kong on Dec 14, 2019 (Sat).  Ever since I started writing about it on AE forum 3 three weeks ago, responses in HK had been tremendously overwhelming despite rising sociopolitical stress.  It reflects a strong customer base of Robert Koda.  The pride ownership of K10, K15 and K70 in the past 10 years warrants immediate confidence in the Takumi K160.  Robert‘s last amplifier K70 was introduced a decade ago.  

    Robert will be here to share his painstaking efforts behind the development of the Takumi K160.  He will of course happy to answer all sort of questions beyond the technical masteries.  The latest Takumi K15EX Super Ground Preamp will be used to drive the Takumi K160.  Robert will bring some of his reference LPs to demonstrate.  I have also chosen some great recordings to exemplify the arts.

    There will be two sessions: (1) 2:00pm to 3:30pm, (2) 4:00pm to 5:30pm.  Seats are limited to 10 - 12 per session. 

    I would also like to host a special VIP lunch with Robert Koch from 12:15pm to 1:45pm at the 3rd Floor of Harbor Industrial Building (Divin Lab is located on 16/F). 

    Please contact Chris Leung at 9181-8291 or send email to [email protected] to confirm attendance.   

  • Good show!
  • Huber
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    上週五終於能一睹神器風采,首先PT 先播貝5 cd 熱身, 相比火云,很明顯K160 是更有效驯服了一對神曲,整首Symphony,不同樂器及不同聲部是整齊排列在目前,基本上令我完全投入音樂,不是說火云不好,但從演譯的能力而言,的確k160是有種令人不捨離座的魔力

    1. Queen - Brohemian Rhapsody , 很難想像Ferdie Mercury 的聲音非常清晣突出於背後的樂團伴奏,電結他結實而刺激,非常過癮,令人聞歌起舞

    2. 鄧麗君新宿洒吧現場錄音,在K160演譯下,重現當年氣氛,如幻似真

    3. Verdi requiem, 這首曲目呈現極濶舞台,動態非常龐大,複雜的樂器演奏及人聲合唱,完全紊而不亂,令人嘆為觀止

    4. 再聽我本人至愛的RR anniversary 古典試音天碟,其中播了巴哈管風琴及羅馬之松選段,低頻量嚇人,洶湧而來,要你親身體驗才明白organ replay 可去到這個境界!羅馬之松則顯現鬆容自若,完全進入忘我境界

    5. Four season DMM SACD version , PT told me to be one of best Four season digital interpretations ever heard by him

    6. Lp session , 聽左紫釵記花前遇客及羅文, 去測試Argento EE ground wire 威力, 主要是比較比較 EE Ground 同 Dalby Ode grand Ground , 不試尤自可, 一AB比較才發現這條貴為AE 新寵兒ground cable 對於重播像真度的重要性,要知 Dalby ground cable 已非省油的燈,可是EE真是KO左Dalby ode grand 

    7. 我不禁問PT EE ground 是否他ground cable 首選, 原來他認為要看用在什麼位置。我們即時做左AB comparison between Dalby Flagship 曲Ground cable and EE GROUND on Preamp part , 效果始終是Dalby flagship 稍勝一籌,換言之可見EE 只是Dalby flagship 三分之一價格,其性價比是非常之
    高,PT亦offer了一條brand new EE Ground 想我再度毒發身亡😆(在寫本文時仍在煲練中,結果遲點再在Argento session post)

    8. 不知不覺,已經過左三個小時愉快而充滿新知䛊交流的一個下午,我們最後以以PT 近期熱播的Beethoven violin concerto cd version 作結,我亦encore 多了首 Lp version 滿江紅來結束了今次探訪

    最後非常期待本星期六Robert koda suite 發聲會是什麼光景,因為連PT本人也未聽過。的確令人引頸以待
  • Huber,

    I was shocked by every single FXCKING minutes in 神曲工作室。我用的是當今神器FM268 Mark2,FM1811,我也有Goldmund Telos 5500推Kharma頂級speakers。我聞説梁先生與及御品的名氣,帶著踢綰的心態去聽。

  • Napoelon 大帝

    你用的確是神器,只是你要ko 神曲工作室,尤其是經過多重調較后,真是談何容易?
  • Huber, 

  • The Takumi K15EX Super Ground Preamp is set up today for the first time in partnership with Takumi K160 amp for the Sat event. 

    I was melted down by the Pastoral Symphony conducted by Karl Bohm. 

    See all fans of Robert Koch on Saturday. 

  • 呢套巨匠前後,的確係有料到,連我都被大倒!成部意大利咖啡機那部大DAC,我被梁生整蠱!聽了一大輪,見佢個大盆轉下轉下,佢又唔出聲。小!我以為聽緊黑膠,後來他突然拿起唱針,被佢陰倒囉,有點不是味兒。我班豬朋狗友唔Q信,小!出嚟聽野挑機,唔好認為揸住的名牌就話掂啦,我用名牌是因為在小圈子炫耀財富,有認售性,但係我從來冇認自己識呢科。遇到太多高人,小!全部都係連同拍手黨做生意,冇料到,玩車玩錶反而冇乜人充大頭鬼。


  • Jeff兄,是的,的確完全投入,基本上是溶入了音樂,根本沒有什麼hifi的考慮,因為不像聽重播,而是live music , live performance, 這亦是聽hifi 的ultimate objective 

    Napoleon 大帝,你経歷的我也試過,被pt 過了一棟,以為聽緊黑膠!但他不是玩你,只是比你知道部DAC 有幾堅者😆, anyway 我鍾意你個形容詞意大利咖啡機👍
  • Huber,


  • Napoleon 

  • Huber,


    其實我貪得意玩下音響,幾百萬不是什麼大數目,兩三隻Richard Mille都花了成千萬,但我比得條氣順。一個品牌全世界機場都看到,到處專門店,sales穿西裝,識得禮貌,講下英文,保養條款清楚,無嘢講啦。