Robert Koda’s ground breaking amplifier - 匠心 Takumi K160 mono amplifier/K15EX/K10



  • I missed this great event big time. I shall audition the Takumi K160 again when I travel to HK next month!  From the photos, I could feel that was quite an event.  From the stat, 7600 views in a month for an amplifier is not an easy feat. Bravo, Robert!
  • fmMatthew
    edited October 2020
    聽了這部K10 mk2半年,声音已完全穩定下來,她的声音活潑生動、通透、起伏連貫(已經費煞思量才能想出這些形容詞,因我不太懂得利用這些高深用語 ),在配搭我一對ClassA 10瓦及一部Class AB 200瓦後級推動不同喇叭,出來的風格各有不同,但以上對她的声音描述是一致的... 哈哈!
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