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Robert Koda’s ground breaking amplifier - 匠心 Takumi K160 mono amplifier/K15EX/K10



  • 昨天參與了第二節播放會,沒有多說話,只欣賞音樂,曲式種類有 classical, jazz , pop , rock , progressive jazz , 該柔情時柔情,該刺激時刺激,證明了不該播得好jazz 就播不好古典,播得好古典就墦不好 pop rock,一套全面嘅系統,係中性、平衡、有感染力,我相信沒有什麼曲目能夠挑選到神曲工作室!

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    The official debut of K160 was as exciting as meeting Robert in person after the 6th AE super high end audio show last Jul.  I stayed through both sessions yesterday listening to a wide variety of music.  K15EX preamp is no stranger to me but I have not experienced the super ground version pairing with K160.

    Creativity is a projection of oneself.  Don’t you agree?  Robert is calm and resourceful, technically savvy and yet sensitive. The more I talked to Robert, the more I could comprehend the design philosophy of K160. Overcoming the shortcomings of its predecessor K70 consumed a decade of his time.   And the groundbreaking results speak for itself! The music delivered by the K160/K15EX combo always creates expectation of what is going to come next from the violinist, cellist, soprano, baritone, rock singer, orchestra, pianist, jazz singer and whoever one can imagine.  

    I had a long chat with Robert during the intermission between the 2 sessions.  I had a much better comprehension of the design consideration behind the presence of normal/high power mode switch.  As a user of the Cessaro Firebird speaker with 101db sensitivity, I questioned the need to drive them by the High Power mode.  If not, am I wasting the full capabilities of the K160.  Due to the fact that the K160 operates in Class A, it generates a lot of heat. Under normal air-conditioned room, he recommends to use high power mode to achieve the ultimate control and driving power.  

    This manual switch, according to Robert, is also a feature for better impedance-coupling to any speakers.

    The whole event was filled with enjoyment and candid sharing by Robert and Chris.  Thumbs up!


  • 你哋好開心,但我就不好受。週末突有要事返廣州,未能和母親大人一起出席,聽下粤曲重播。昨天,我在AE Facebook用iPad Pro看重播星期六的聚會,母親和她的麻雀腳開枱前,聽到耶個雲雀的日本婆唱東洋大戲,突然大聲説好好聽,叫我播放多一次。我好有挫敗感,挑那星,我只是用iPad Pro 重播Facebook! 但我套神器,佢叫我停不只一次!


  • 今次能夠親身感受Robert Koda全套石機開聲,實在賞心樂事,這神曲工作室靚聲就不容置疑,而背後不同設計師的創意精神,實在令小弟深感佩服,我相信現在出嚟嘅效果實在得來不易。Wadax超級解碼播數碼比我聽過好多黑膠組合更模擬,而植師傅調效的黑膠系統更是萬能,小提琴高音明亮有勁、綿密又連貫,最尾播Beethoven F Romance by Milstein聽得我雞皮也起,Hotel california強勁節奏感,令人聞歌起舞,相信現場聽者都有同感,這樣真實而有感情的聲音劃上完美的句號。

  • Upon my first arrival to Divin Labs I quickly realized PT had simply “knocked the ball out the park”. True high end systems are rare – So rare in fact that over the past twenty years or so I have always been anxious to return to my home listening system swiftly. But this time Divin Labs got me!

    It takes much more than the assembly of a couple of world class components to reach this goal. It takes tremendous effort, time and know how to mature a system into a compelling listen. Chris was clearly up to the challenge and succeeded. The system was – properly set up. And with K-160 in command we (on Friday) found an abundance of music to present on Saturday. In fact, much much more than time would allow us to play. Both analog and digital formats were fully immersive and there was no need to separate them into individual “sessions”.

    I am truly grateful to PT and to all those who came to listen. As PT commented, it was more like a “mini concert” rather than a product launch. It was tremendous fun and a memorable event made possible by a wonderful audience, a fantastic host and a great sounding system!

    Thank you!

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    十分同意以上各位對星期六event 的評論


    不同類型的音樂,從古至今,各種各樣的演奏,包羅萬有,我跟Marvel 兄一樣,聽完兩個環節,大約三個半小時,非常滿足,我最欣賞是David Bowie session 及美空雲雀session,絕對不是熱門hifi demo 曲目,但卻令我聽得血脈沸騰及呯然心動

    我在想去到這地步,Pt會否考慮用bi amp , 4 x K160 去推神曲?我很期待這組合有朝一日出現

    多謝PT盡量沒有重覆兩節曲目,希望AE能夠多辦這類型high end 音樂會, 便是一眾音響迷之福了。
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    It was a very different auditioning experience as it was the first time I listened to such a versatile and transparent mega system. K160 truly reveals the souls of different recordings. Be it chamber music, symphonies, rock and pop or even Japanese folk songs, the system always properly renders the right stage size, proper tones, dynamics, energy and contrast to make u feel like listening to live music. The background is extremely dark, permeates the finest details of different recordings to be reproduced. 

    In a word, this is really the best solid state amp I have ever listened to. 

  • Takumi K160 - Ultimate definition of transparency for the next twenty years 





  • Thanks for organizing the event and the food was delicious! Also thanks Robert to coming over to Hong Kong all the way from Japan for the great introduction and explanation of the state of the art K160. His technical expertise definitely helped us to better understand the design philosophy of the K160. 

    This is the 2nd time I listened to the K160, the first time with the Zanden Preamp and this time with the matched K15ex. Needless to say, both time the K160 performed at the highest level however with totally different presentation. When paired with the Zanden pre, it was about richness, saturation, and color; this time paired with K15ex it was about transparency, control and delicacy. The only thing in common was that the K160 presented tremendous control over the humongous Gobel Divin speakers when paired with either. 

    Extremely convincing session!

  • I don’t know what else to add as most seniors had expressed their opinions eloquently. All I can say is that the demo two weeks ago still lingers in my mind from time to time. It is not the machine. It is the music via that system at Divin lab still singing in my head, especially the Hotel California and Beethoven F Romance and 美空雲雀。
  • I should have expressed my view right after the session.  The impressing sound of full suite RK with K160 is still vividly in my mind.  I owned a suite of RK with K70 which was the power amp staying with me for the longest period.  At present I am still using RK K15EX Super Ground driving ARNE.   I have been waiting for K160 for many years and I “chased” Robert every time I met him.   Although having the same DNA, K160 is not an “improved” K70.   K160 is not reproducing the record sound but to bring listener deep into the world of music.  To appreciate K160, we only need to just sit down, listen and enjoy.   I arrived early before the session and Robert played a cut of long horn (forgot the name of the instrument) for me.   It was not a hi fi music but I was bought to a different world at once. Robert said he enjoyed this kind of music and he listened to it in his own house.  You have to know what Robert is pursuing before you can under and appreciate what K160 can bring out.   I hope I can have a K160 some time and become a full suite RK owner again.  Before 2019 ends, I would give one vote to K160 as product of the year.   The other vote is for Wadax Super DAC.
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