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傲雪/仁風/長空/火雲/詠梅 by Yamada Kazutoshi of Zanden Audio



  • Yamada and Chouku 

  • A rare scene - Two pairs of Chouku together!

  • Yamada personally installed the 長空 Chouku 2019 for an exquisite client completing the whole chain of Zanden super electronics including Chukoh 宙光 preamp and Jinpu 仁風 phono stage.  Yamada and his daughter, Kanoko, are very delighted by the quality of this system.  

  • edited August 2020
    Yamada is going to turn 68 years old on Aug 27. The calligraphy by Msia 卓宝 was done in January earlier this year.  My original idea was to present this to him on a 20 year anniversary memorial function in HK between Audio Exotics and Zanden Audio.
    The calligraphy signifies the super electronics series we had collaborated from 2010-2020.  It includes the Chouku 長空single ended power amplifier, Chukoh 宙光 preamplifier, Jinpu 仁風 phono stage, Kaun 火雲 double push pull amplifiers and 星浩 Seikoh reference CD player pending winter release.  Every single item has already become a legend, and will remain so perpetually. 

    Yamada is a legend, a humble man with tremendous creativity.  It is a blessing that we met more than 2 decades ago.
  • My dear Yamada San, Happy birthday! 
  • Happy Birthday Yamada.
  • Hello Miguel,

    When will you deliver the Troy Signature NG? I have been waiting for months. 
  • Hi UncleRay,

        My apologies for the long wait. Good news, Troy Signature NG will start shipping next week. 
    Thanks for all the support.
  • What is 傲雪??
  • 長空萬里

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