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宙光/仁風/長空/火雲 by Yamada Kazutoshi of Zanden Audio



  • Yamada is going to ship the 2nd Chukoh next Monday. Although the 2nd preamp was already sold to Wing Fai, he is kind enough to let it display at AE showroom until his house renovation is finished one month later.

    Once I set it up, please come for an audition of Chukoh/Chouku.
  • I must not miss this time
  • I am using the best Japanese made 300B tubes in modern times for Choukoh
  • I am going to burn it in for 100 hours first.
  • The AN M10 signature is smoked in 3 minutes by CHUKOH. It is not a preference issue. It is not in the same league at all. Coloration always finds admirers easier. If I and my friend had not listened to it, I won't easily buy in. My expectation was they are in the same league but with different sound orientation. This assumption of mine was so wrong
  • And the quality of chassis and overall design are also miles ahead.
  • I was there this morning with Longinus and 乙女. The LIVE feeling is no different from what one experiences at LIVE. I feel there are no restraints on dynamics. I studied Mr Zanden's article on it before I went there. And what he wrote was so true! But words can't transpire the audition experiences this morning. I also concur Beethoven is absolutely stunning.
  • 完全沒有壓縮,沒有邊界,整個場面控制可以亂真,充滿靈魂的演奏,音樂有生命。
  • I eventually got a chance last Sat to experience Chukoh and met Raymond as well. I listened to the same few pieces of music which were played with other top notch gear previously. The sound from Zanden combo is a totally different realm. It touches directly my heart and I could feel a vivid soul of the singer, the setting of the studio, the atmosphere of the concert hall... Music is an art which is to be appreciated with the right brian. The Zanden combo could just simulate my right brain and let me appreciate the music in a big picture. Take the example of the song 學生哥 by Sam Hui. I could sense the happinesss of the little boys singing with Sam together. This could not be done simply by just reproducing the "smiling voice". This must be done by converying a holistic picture with mood, soul, passion. Probably only the Zanden combo could achieve this leave at the moment. Well done Yamada san.
  • The Zanden Choukoh preamp was already delivered to Wing Fai this morning. Thank you for his generosity for allowing the masterpiece to stay at AE for almost a month before delivery.

    Meanwhile, we must hurry Yamada to deliver the next.
  • Model 9150 mono block by Zanden ready for shipment. 
  • Yamada and Mori and JLam at the home of Mr Zanden.  Tomorrow he will visit 貴人黃.  Also he will hand carry Doug's WE212-A to build a pair of 長空 for him. 
  • I hope he will share with me about his super phono - JINPU 仁風
  • Master Chik and Yamada San are discussing the impedance switch of the upcoming super phono - JINPU 仁風
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