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Addicted to Argento

Photo of white snake party.
At the beginning,
Serenity SE IC
-> Serenity SE IC + Level1 mk2 PC
-> Serenity SE IC + Level1 mk2 PC + OR PC
-> Serenity SE IC + Level1 mk2 PC + OR PC + Flow RCA IC
Not sure what will be next!


  • So jealous !!! You got very classical taste !! Good try !!
  • Danny兄, 你用什麼機? 絛Flow訊號線己經好堅, 你千萬不要試FMR, 你死硬! 不如儲錢買對Flow喇叭線. 另外,記得用珊瑚腳!
  • My setup
    Source: TBD
    Pre-amp: Audionet Pre1 G3
    Power: Audionet Amp1 V2
    Spk: WB Discovery
  • What is TBD?
  • Finding a new source...
  • Argento's sub brand "Organic Audio" will soon release a copper cable.
  • Any AE member has a pair of EE spk cables to sell,I want to bi-wire my Alpha 1 since all connectors are ready for use.
  • Pstang, please contact PT. Mine is pretty old - about 4 years old - and I had already switched to FMR spk cable with great satisfaction.
  • I received the Organic Audio XLR Interconnect from PT yesterday. The packaging is simple and elegant.
  • I love the unique look of the copper XLR connectors.
  • I immediately plugged the Organic cable into my computer audio system (between my DAC and Powered Monitors). Yesterday I first played the new Mandarin album of Eason. His vocal really gets more life and feel under the new XLR cable. The background instruments like strings also become clearer! After a brief listening yesterday night, I am impressed by the immediate improvement in transparency, dynamics and coherency of the musical flow, particularly in vocals. The delineation of various instruments within rock band performances is improved a lot.
  • Today I listen more. Compared to my last XLR interconnect from, Organic XLR gives superior reproduction of Norah Jones’s new album, The Fall. The bass comes with more ease and dynamic! Norah’s voice becomes natural and calm. What else can I ask for at this price! At this stage without burn-in, based on my entry-level experience, I can conclude that Organic XLR significant elevates vocal reproductions and musical instrument resolution in my current system. Yesterday, the very deep bass of “Gravity” decays faster than it should be. However, the mid-bass is projected with impactful energy today. I think that the whole bass will definitely open up with ease after 100 hrs of burn-in or so. Now I understand why the Argento boss named this cable “Organic” which delivers music in a natural way with quality and ease.

    Thanks PT: Absolutely best deal on earth with the lowest price/performance ratio!
  • PTsang,

    I do have a pair of the latest SMREE interconnect to sell...let me know if you are interested.Marvel
  • 牛奶仔,

    堅定流? 這樣瘋狂的信源線有便宜貨拾?
    我很難相信! 但是 Argento 朵響.

    我已經速速打長途電話給 JLam 老闆買兩對平衡線來馬來西亞給我台康寧系統試試.


  • Dear 技安大哥,

    I would never have the guts to fool any AE 大哥 around.

    After trying out the Organic interconnects, you may change your views on copper cables.

    Milky Boyz
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