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AE Sponsors the Premier of Metaverse Symphony No. 1 with HK Philharmonic on May 5, 2023

edited April 2023

Metaverse Symphony Number One composed by Elliot Leung 

Audio Exotics is honoured to participate in the sponsorship of this magnificent music program to be premiered by the HK Philharmonic on May 5 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

The Metaverse is a time simulation of somewhere in the future.  It will be a free world without boundaries in parallel with reality. Absence of law, cultural diversity, threats to physical live, language barrier, and physical transportation in this virtual world resembles a digital immersion of John Locke’s famous social contract  (English Philosopher 1632 - 1704).  In his view, mankind should exist in a complete state of liberty as he sees fit without interfering others, under the discipline of a moral compass, to safeguard common interest of society.

Even though the alpha state of the Metaverse offers so much convenience as evidenced by extensive integration of our daily lives into the digital domain (finance, identity, games, and communication etc), advancing the essence of it to the betterment of next generation is not an easy feat. Futurists, philosophers and tech leaders have no clear answers.  Constant debate over the pros and cons of such an universe brings up even more questions.  Never would I ever imagine someone would approach an evolving non-physical world from the kaleidoscopic perspective of a symphony.  Creativity of young people matters. 

When Elliot Leung visited Divin Lab (flagship showroom of Audio Exotics) in early 2022, we had interesting discussions about the art of conducting alongside his opinions on the application of a curated high end audio system for professional musicians.  He listened to his own film score (Red Sea Operation) before immersing into Mahler Symphony 9, 2nd movement conducted by Otto Klemperer with great intensity.  At that time, he mentioned about a project with the HK Philharmonic.  But I didn’t know this talent young man helmed a tremendous task of composing a symphony.

His Metaverse Symphony No.1 will be conducted by Gerald Salonga sparkling radiance of imaginations to foster development of a better universe.  The power of music on human spirit is immense. 

Chris Leung



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