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御品天皇 — 智醒善行 — 扶心 — 系統進化



  • Aaron用什麼功放推中神曲?
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    Aaron must be using Robert Koda Takumi K160 to drive Divin Nobleness.  The K160 drives the biggest Divin tremendously well.  The listening experience of Mahler 9 is shocking based on many opinions either online or offline.  
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    他閱讀文章初稿後,便問我何時生日,更隨即開始設計“智醒善行”的書法。他在幾小時內寫了很多篇,然後再仔細甄選一幅並蓋上了印章給我慶生。那時是六月初的一個晩上10:30pm。原來「智醒」太多筆劃,較難和「善行」作出平衡的視覺,所以他還是繼續寫。我早上從手機看到他於 2:36am 送上他老師認為比例最好的作品。一個半月後,他把真跡帶回香港送給我,而紙上所寫的日子就是今天,我剛五十歲。





  • Chris
    Stay positive, but be wary of your downside!
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  • 「智醒善行」不單止啟悟、勵志和感人。


  • 難得好文章,內容正面積極,配合社會現在需要的正能量。開學後,我會將此文章給中學生作為參考閱讀。

  • It shows what you believe, what you know, but also who you know.  The only thing missing is your love for audio science though I am sure that was intentional.  The article is shockingly honest. It takes great humility to write, especially the early stage of your life.  It is as if you have spent the first 50 years discovering yourself; what your values are and now have formulated the manifesto for your 2H. It is like a painter painting a self portrait.  I see someone completely at ease with what he is. And it inspires! 

  • I just read it many times abs recommended to manny if my staff and friends. I couldn’t believe somebody who failed Chinese at school could write such an inspiring article. Your story is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. You should be proud of yourself that you have achieved so much in multiple areas. 

  • 會當凌絕頂,一覽眾山小

  • 我和兒子一起細閲了你的心聲;他的成績很差,我告訴他不要灰心,從旁解釋你的故事給他聽,更籍此內訴説文中提及的中國典故給他聽。他有好多問題想問你,我感覺到一絲恩惠。下次我想帶他去AE和你拍照,希望你能鼓勵一下我兒。


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  • 我有一個更深的體會,聰明是一種天賦,善良是一種選擇,所謂善良的選擇,不是捐多少錢做多少好事的那種善,而是理解了別人的惡甚至自己的惡,仍選擇去做一個善良的人。人有經歷和水平,才能有此發人深省的文章。

  • 我在香港的友人幫我買了幾份明報寄來台灣作為留念。善用你的慈悲正能量傳達予人是無量的功德。

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    I couldn’t believe I paid USD400 to translate what you wrote on Ming Pao cover page into English for my comprehension. Damn, this is an act of courage. Knowing you for close to two decade, I really want to know what’s in your mind. This is the first time in my life bought a Chinese newspaper for memorial. I don’t speak and read Chinese. 

    I am happy that you have succeeded in accomplishing what you had set out to achieve! It is a great accomplishment both professionally and personally. I am not interested in the damn economist part as that must be fxcking boring for you now. 

    It took courage to reveal the earlier part of your life. You honest shared superstition was meant for short term relief. The solutions are knowledge and compassion in the form of charity. And you rightly pointed out it is sustainability that matters much more than the amount of donation.  

    It is a piece of writing written from the heart. It inspires and radiates. I could feel it knowing you. The translator is damn good. She is a Chinese. 

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