JLam’s Charity Act at AE SW: Donations to Food Angel 惜食堂 2021



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    Responses are still overwhelming. 
    The Fifth Act will be conducted on Sat afternoon May 30, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Full.
    The Sixth Act will be conducted on Sun May 31, 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Full.

    The Seventh Act will be conducted on Sun May 31, 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Full.
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    I completed the 5th act yesterday. Donation from the floor was $10,000, and AE matched $10,000 summing up the total to $20,000.  The encore session extended to 30 mins as music captivated all participants. Many songs touched them. 

  • JCM
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    It was a real bless to participate in the charitable audition initiated by Chris yesterday Friday, 30 May 2020 (2:30 pm to close to 4 pm).

    Soundwise: Those who participated and have posted have had the extraordinary, repeat, extraordinary!, performance of the set up (the hi end system and the room) sum up beautifully. Ain’t no need more description. 

    The performance was as Robert Parker described a 100 points red wine: explosive, fleshy tannins, perfectly balanced, full bodied with incredibly elegant finish. Ready to drink!

    An ordinary duty performing extraordinarily well. A silver bullet every audiophile is craving for. Do you copy that? Go and have an audition and you would definitely be rewarded.

    No nonsense: Wisdom does not mean smart or intelligent. We have had enough educated fools. Wisdom rather shows up primarily in how you treat others. Take up your social responsibility.  Not at all a daunting task, right? Chris did it.

    Gift: One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life. The Cantonese pop and those who help contributing during the 70’s to 80’s are definitely the ones we most thankful for. A memorable day in letting me know, Chris.

  • A group of young lawyers assisted me to complete the 6th ACT.

  • JLam
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    Time flies! This is the 7th Charity Act, particularly handled by Jlam. Charity brings UNPRECEDENTED HAPPINESS for “philanthropists”. All people who spare their time for this functions are music lovers with caring hearts. 

    My partner, Chris, posed this great event with a determined attitude.  I received many interesting feedbacks that inspire me tremendously.  In the high-end audio industry, I have constantly experienced lows, defeats and disappointments. But these hiccups shall never change my course for I know since the very beginning that building trust with clients is the most important. That is the starting point of an ever evolving bonding journey on which great institutions thrive. 

    The greatest happiness of all is everyone helps the poor regardless of origin. Here were the songs I played on May 31st 2020:

    半斤八兩, 浪子心聲

    Encore: Another brick in the Wall,獨上西樓, Your latest trick, 零時十分。

    The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that makes her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, CHARITY.


  • The eighth charity act will begin at 4:00pm at AE SW on June 6 this Saturday. Attendances are full. 
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    The 8th Charity Act was completed fabulously today.  After the program was finished, I added an extra technical sharing session - “How to achieve the optimal gain structure” of a system?”

    When the recording gain of a recording is too high, we can reduce it in the chain to avoid “compression”, if the phono/dac allows gain adjustment.  This is an area audiophile rarely pays attention to. 

    I played the first ever analog vinyl by ASKA 飛鳥涼 bought from Stereo Sound of Japan.  The whole floor was involved in deciding the gain (56db/64db/72db) of the Robert Koda Takumi MC One phono stage for the first track of this vinyl.  We began with 56db and the corresponding volume level was 3 o’clock on the Riviera Lab APL-01SE preamp. Some said yes.  Others suggested to try 64db. Subsequently, we agreed the control of Aska’s voice was eloquently executed at 64db. 

    Then Huber said the voice was correct but the bass energy of the piano was not as open as Aska’s voice. How to resolve? We couldn’t go back to 56db and 74db will definitely overload. 
    Based on my experiences, the compression of expressiveness is always a case of “overloading” the input stage.  As a result, I went to reduce the INPUT SENSITIVITY of the subwoofer to -1.75db from -1.0db previously. 

    Wow, the piano was now playing in sync with the vocal equally in openness.  We could follow how the pianist was catching up the emotions of Aska. 

    We had a great time as a result of such interactions. Everyone learnt something new today on top of charitable deeds. 

    Thanks again! 

  • Jerrytam
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    我們心中的黃金香港,就是每個人也堅持做多一步緊守崗位,不妥協的香港。多謝Chris的堅持,也多謝Audio Exotics的堅持。
  • Huber
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    上次探訪AE 上環是参與廣東歌分享會的Rehearsal,当時Chris尚未萌生現在的筹款形式,之後我建議他应該多搅这些正能量聚會,意想不到最终发展成这個有意义的持續性high end music concert。

    不知不覺昨天已經是第8次音乐会,基本上和Rehearsal 時的曲目有7成一樣,但听感卻完全不一樣!因為正如他所說,AE SW 这2个月已經完全fine tune到一个终极境界,不知道还可怎樣进步的境界!

    昨天認識了 active bass trap device  by PSI Audio 及 phono gain setting 配合超低音的input sensitivity 技術分享,兩項都是对重播有驚人的改善。沒有即塲AB比較,根本無法想像到低頻駐波对重播影響之大!整個音乐畫面变得井井有條,聲音更有层次,舞台立体感充份展現!而有源处理basstrap 是一個有效並值得投資的方法。

    最後值得一提是Dalby Pirueta Record Weight 在昨天第二首「歌浪子心」声後,便一直用到最後,因為它着實釋放了vinyl 裡的灵魂,把音樂提升到另一個境界!

  • Killer326
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    這場音樂會主打的是70/80年代的歌。 我比較少接觸這年代的歌,但經過詳細介紹,和通過AE系統的演繹,我亦能感受個中的意境,亦體會到時代的變化。


  • The 9th Charity Act will take place today at 5pm hosting by Master Chik (植師傅)。
  • 感謝Chris今次的邀請,今次聚會可謂增長知識,尤其講解70、80、90年代的錄音分別,由模擬到數碼錄音,每段曆史都十分精彩。

    Active bass trap 對改善低頻駐波的効果亦十分驚喜,尤其對整個音場改善,令成個場面更立體。

    到最後encore 時調教phono gain來調音又長新知識,原來fine tuning 係可以有此新玩法。

    不過要講最難忘,非Dalby Pirueta莫屬,完全可以令一隻碟變身,對我來講,佢先係當日主角。=)

  • The 9th Charity Act was completed magnificently, thanks for Master Chik and his friends.  

  • 難得植太也來了,她聽完「共同渡過」後,帶頭鼓掌。這是一個非常之漂亮的畫面,因為大家為香港的光輝歲月鼓掌,情感其實帶有懷念,不捨,同是也有自豪。我親眼見證了這種盡在不言中的情感彌漫了無一場的播唱會。尤其是張國榮的1988年演唱會黑膠碟內的「共同渡過」連續九場觸動多人,這並不是巧合。