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Jaw-dropping Arteluthe Speakers

When I first looked at the speakers, the size really intimidated my appetite as I get used to listening to mega systems. Its height is just 92cm that I could only look down on it. I didn’t have much expectation about its performance as I was not blown away with its performance on video shot by Chik Sir before. I thought it is a good speaker with quite balanced sound but nothing in the video impressed me (sorry for being a bit critical as I am spoiled). 
However, once I listened to 梁祝 Butterfly Lovers in AE’s Central Showroom, my jaw dropped to the floor and there were a lot of “WTFs” going through my mind: How come the bass energy was so close to my mega horn system at home?? Why the soundstage was that deep and wide?? The playback was so colorful, rich in dynamics and drama! 
When the orchestra played strongly all together, the playback was so convincing with huge energy passing through my body that I got goosebumps immediately. The trebles were quite bright but it was not screechy. It is a bit silky type and yet having enough energy to form very solid images and contours together with very full-bodied mid and authoritative bass. 
These speakers are versatile and able to handle a lot of different types of music: The violin was very solid and pinpoint, while the orchestra spreads in fan shape behind; the female vocals were mellow and emotional, and the jazz bands were full of passions and sweats; the attacks of percussions are fast and impactful, and yet the rhythms were nicely presented to deliver very musical performance. 
I had no choice but shared my feelings with some of my HiFi groups at once. These tiny speakers can really defeat a lot of giants at least doubling the size. What a jaw dropping experience in AE Central!


  • I did a research on the various floor standing speakers with 3-way or 4-way design and similar size regardless of the price, they include the most popular brands like W, SF, R, M.  Their published cross over frequencies are mostly (250hz, 3000hz), (80hz, 250hz, 3000hz), (120Hz, 3000Hz).  That means double bass, vocal, cello, violin music that span from 40hz to 4000hz would likely be augmented by more than 1 drivers.  This would certainly lead to overlap on rolling off and phase distortion.  Stiletto adopts a midrange driver to cover 40hz to 4000hz which miraculously addressed the sonical degradation due to the overlap as well as the phase distortion resulting to a coherent and contiguous traverse of tones within this range.  The sealed cabinet design as opposed to the ported design (air holes at the back) would also minimise the destructive interference between the first order propagation and second order due to reflection from the air hole pumping airwaves into the rear wall.


  • 羅文兄,你套機有幾大型?
  • 喇叭兩噸重左右
  • 做工一流、音箱感覺扎實,正如 Marvel 兄所提及,聲音無縫、連貫,聽了幾張古典,大場面交代亦有板有眼,老實講,要在中環 showroom 咁大面積嘅房間達到 AE standard,Arteluthe已經超額完成,合埋眼,好難想像係一對小型喇叭正在發聲!

  • One lesson I learnt on last Sat from PT is the matching of speaker with the upstream driving power of the source.  Stiletto is 82db which demands not just supreme driving power but also control.  Synaestec Saxum has a driving power of 250W at 8ohm loading and a damping factor of 400 which mate quite well with Stiletto.  Compared to Alsyvox Botticelli and Cessaro Qian Long, Stiletto is undoubtedly drawing much more power not just from the Saxum but also the preamp evidenced by the fact that volume needs to be turned up by 6-8db after installing Stiletto.  

    It was not until PT asked me to tune up the output voltage of the Wadax Arcadia DAC from 2v to 4v that I realised the wholesome prowess of the CD source cannot be achieved without adjusting the output voltage of the DAC.  The compatibility from source to preamp, preamp to power amp and power amp to speaker is a chained reaction that must be holistically matched.  The extolling dynamics engendered by this 4v output rocked the entire listening room as much as the vinyl counterpart!  I am floored by the benign correction to the DAC setting noting that the max input allowed by the preamp is 9.8V which can accommodate literally most of DACs out there.

    One thing to note is that the output voltage of the Wadax Reference DAC at home is set to 1V to mate with Zanden Chukoh/Lars Eric/Cessaro Firebird.  There is no fixed formula and one has to be extremely vigilant when adding a new component to the system.  A great lesson learnt, my salute to PT and Master Chik (on the equivalent phono settings)!!
  • Marvel bro,

    Sudden change of taste to low sensitivity speakers with such children size contradicts to your big system at home.  The small speakers are beefed by Da Vinci Gabriel and a German made super phono stage.  Maybe the digital side has a better match from pricing perspective?  Just wanna know what are you guys trying to achieve here. 
  • Roman,

    How is it possible a 82db sensitivity small speakers can rival the energy of your mega Cessaro Beethoven System?  Were you using a wrong analogy?  
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