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Jaw-dropping Arteluthe Speakers



  • Hello Marvel,
    I asked the engineer for the exact thread size and pitch, I should have the information later this week. 
    Arya feet are a very good upgrade. In fact, we'll introduce special, longer spikes with hollow threaded tip to match with Arya and IsoAcoustics.
  • Hello Marvel,
    The thread size is 1/2 - 32 (imperial measurement)
  • Arte,

    Putting Arya feet underneath Stiletto yields a much solid contours of the imaging and elevated the overall transparency by a wide margin!  I am no stranger to Arya feet as I am using them all over in the components but it is the first time I replace the spikes from the speaker with Arya followed by extensive listening.  The improvement of using Arya feet on the speaker may probably be the most appealing among all other components that I have deployed Arya feet.  It is not difficult to comprehend because the drivers of the speaker move quite significantly while in operation.  In the sealed design of Stiletto, I believe the feet would potentially be the key outlet to drain out the mechanical vibration. 

    Although I am only using some industrial adhesive tape to fix the Arya feet underneath Stiletto, the improvement is still exceed my expectation!


  • Thanks to Mr Dynamic who had helped me to fix the Arya feet toda ! 
  • edited March 2020
    Speakers and turntables are the only two (with microphones) devices converting mechanical impulse to electric impulse and vice-versa. All efforts to control resonances will yield better dynamic contrast. When the Arya pods are firmly attached, the beneficial effect will be further improved.
  • Just landed Stiletto. Going to adjust it for her shouting of “groundbreaking” sound. Thanks AE and Marvel to introduce of this speaker.
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  • 拿破崙你好👋。

    第一,對喇叭真係好靚仔(我認為)。 多謝😊
    第二,在科技設計上都好嶄新: 例如,音相係密封式設計,內裏係冇分音器,但呢個喇叭係三路分音,四個音盤,中音音盤處理很大部份嘅音頻,最下邊兩個係超低音。聲音係好連貫,低音好快速。

    其他資料都係由Marvel佢補充啦. 我都係一知半解。


  • 這一對喇叭真身比相片實在靚太多了!我昨日在上環已經感受到她的全面表現,如果我只能用一個形容詞讚美她就是「優越的連貫性」,打從一開始人聲熱身、爵士樂、鼓聲、古典;各類型音樂都能輕鬆表達,我聽到一幅無縫的畫面,閉目享受的一刻,感覺低音十分鬆容,爆發力亦相當驚人,完全忘記了是這一對只有94cm個子的喇叭;說實話,我最初認為這個高度會偏矮,或許會影響到音場高低,但出來的表現,我會真心佩服設計師的功力,整個聆聽空間不單止被填滿,密度亦相當高,營造出來的空間感穿牆破壁,定位很清晰,人聲結像高度正確,整體表現相當令人眼前一亮;器材配搭方面我不在此表述,我反而欣賞這喇叭的擺位,究竟是誰人負責的呢?

  • Audio Napoleon,

    Please come to Central and listen for yourself.  Though it may be ‘small’ in physical size, its sheer soundstage and richness is horrendous!

  • Matthew,

    Thanks for your visit with your friend.  This was a very nice sharing session and I am glad that you are impressed by the overall performance of the system.  I saw your feedback on another thread about the Dalby Pirueta.  It is really something that go beyond what a record weight can achieve in miraculously unleashing the hidden emotions of the recording! 


  • Marvel,

  • Matthew,


  • 差不多聽咗Stiletto兩個月了,在家裏再一次調教這個喇叭的位置,相信已經搵到個比較理想位置。由第一天放這對喇叭都知道這個喇叭需要一個大toe-in角度,由最初大概20度,根據在AE Central Showroom擺放喇叭嘅經驗和Marvel提供的意見,擺放Stiletto喇叭接近24度,喇叭從後場向皇帝位移前數吋,用咪高峰去量度一些指定pink noise (75ohm,20Hz 到24kHz),擺放咪在黃帝位位置,正確平衡度和高度係一個好緊要的元素,下一步是微調左右喇叭擺放位置同皇帝位(咪的位置)找出絕對0.00毫秒延遲時間,就可以做到喇叭播放歌曲有三維音牆感,高中低音清晰度和密度改善。 

    Learner :)

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