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Audio Exotics Singapore!



  • With the AE HK team still unable to leave the country, I did the next best thing. Fly Mr Cessaro himself > Ralph Krebs to Singapore last weekend! Ralph helped me set up both rooms. He flew in Friday night and left Sunday morning, but we got a LOT done + had great dinners and wine and a good conversation of where the audiophile industry is going post COVID. I am still waiting on the Super Components for the big room so what you see here will not be what we open with. Stirling is also scheduled here in 2 months and the opening will be after he comes
  • Is that Carmen? Wagners look tiny next to them
  • Congratulations! Stirling setup before opening means you are aiming very high standard to shock.  Where are your Tripoint signature NG? It is a must in the showroom. 
  • I can see even small field coil power supply is in on top of SRA Ohio board!  Yes where is the Troy signature NG? 

  • Mohan, congratulations! Stirling will do a great job for you! It will be followed globally if you can show us all his work in progress.  

    You have full suite of Robert Koda Takumi just like Divin Lab. That says the standard a lot. Your preamp needs ReVopod underneath. 
  • Hi folks. Stirling arrives from San Francisco early Monday morning, and will be setting up both rooms. The Tripoint Troy Elite is behind the FalkenOhr rack. Will take more photos through the week.
  • Katongkid,

    Mr Stirling landed Singapore?  Please show us everything he will work over your showroom. 

  • Tools of the trade!
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    Taking out all cables, laid them out to de-stress, and cleaning the connectors

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    Opening up each component, tightening the components and cleaning each contact.
  • Day 2 is all Speaker positioning

  • Cables from the main room

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