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Audio Exotics Singapore!

edited September 2021

I started Audio Exotics in 2009 with a single studio in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.  We have grown from strength to strength over the years ever since.  Now, we have 3 studios in Hong Kong showcasing the unity of bespoke electronics to the service of music.  The soulful playback experiences always capture the heart of many, alongside global endorsements by leading critics such as Alan Sircom of Hi Fi Plus in the UK, Roy Gregory of the Audio Beat in the US, and Lincoln Cheng of Audiotechnique.   I humbly believe our business model is on the right track to become a regional franchise.  AE is simply an experience.  

As 2020 opens up a new decade upon us, I would like to officially announce the forthcoming opening of Audio Exotics South East Asia in Singapore, a tremendous undertaking by Mohan Veloo spanning over 2 years in planning and execution.  I have known him for more than 15 years as a close friend. He is first and foremost an obsessive audiophile. Behind the scenes he is a high flyer in the technology field, with a global role, and a few hundred people reporting to him.  His technical expertise and creativity will enhance the total value proposition of Audio Exotics for all existing and new customers. A new website with modern features is progressing under his leadership.

The interior design concept of AE Singapore is also spearheaded by Mohan. He has employed professional acoustic engineers to design the studios to perfection. He has also hired Stirling Trayle to set up the new showroom to warrant excellence from the very beginning. Our goal is to make Audio Exotics the ultimate high end audio destination for Asia, and AE Singapore is set to pave the path for many more AE studios in South East Asia. 

I shall let Mohan share more about his philosophy and his plans for the year!

Happy New Year to all AE fans

Chris Leung



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    Thank Chris for your kind comments. I am humbled and honoured to launch the first AE studio outside of Hong Kong.
    The studios in Singapore are probably 75% completed. As Chris mentioned, we have been working on this for sometime. Deciding on a location took a lot of time, but I think we found an interesting albeit unconventional location, that will be revealed when we open. And that may be sometime in the 2nd quarter of this year - maybe earlier.
    Our goal is to bring the AE experience to Singapore and the rest of South East Asia.
    I will post photos of the studios shortly and answer any questions I can.

    Mohan Veloo
    [email protected]

  • Mohan,

    I had been following AE for over 15 years like you.  Congratulate for such a new and exciting venture!  It is very very rare for an audio retailer (mostly dying and surviving by dumping) to expand outside of the home base. I am thrilled from a businessman perspective.  

    Please share a few pics. It has been quite awhile since the announcement of AE Singapore in July 2018.  I am quite excited to see this on a new year. 
  • Congratulations! What will be the system placing there? I think hiring Stirling Trayle is a brilliant move as he can assure extreme quality right at the beginning.  I like the AE business model.  Just don’t care the mass and norm, walk your own path. Go and find new followers, no need to spare time to convince conventional mentality. It is already a new age.  Supermarket model drives the whole industry down.  
  • Mohan,

    Congratulations!  I follow a lot on the progress of your new business and have no doubt that when it is ready for audition, it would be at least on par with the showrooms in HK, if not even better.  I will certainly come and oongratulate you face to face on the grand opening!  

  • Hi, on the insistence of a few people, I'm posting some photos of the Singapore Studio. We are still at the very least 2 - 3 months before opening. 

  • Mohan,

    That is very cool!  I like the green wall. I also like the wave (diffusors?) on the side wall.

    It looks like a very long room for bass wave to develop fuller. Is the green wall an entrance place into the main room?

  • There will be 2 studios with different systems setup in each room.
    Studio 1 - the main system in a larger room - where I went with a luxe-industrial feel. The walls on the side are custom designed by the acoustic engineers, and you will notice that they have 'waves'. I'm still waiting on a few more sound diffusors and bass traps.
    Studio 2, will have a system suited for a typical apartment. I wanted to incorporate natural elements in Studio 2, hence the 'green' wall consisting of real leaves (not fully grown out yet - maybe another 3 weeks), that act as a natural sound diffusor. 
    As you can see, both studios are still very bare, and there is still some amount of work to do, but we are looking forward to moving the equipment in a month or so.
    Any thoughts, questions and suggestions welcome!

  • Zanden Master - Yes, its actually a very long room, that is separated by a wall I put in. The length of the room was determined by a formula that took into account the height and width (The height and width was something that I could not control). The head of the acoustic engineering firm I am using, also visited Ralph of Cessaro at his home in Germany to understand the characteristics of his speakers, before the final design was put in place.
    It is interesting to understand the theory behind sound setup and how to accomplish the type of room you want. I intend to conduct a session with to have them explain how they achieved this, after the studio is open.
  • Ever since Mohan and Chris told me about the Singapore show room I have been waiting to book my flight!

    2020 will be it! Mohan, wishing you a smooth ride into uncharted territory. I believe the insightful and totally cutting edge outlook AE presents will be absorbed and deeply appreciated in Singapore. Cheers to the New Year!

  • Mohan,

    What will be system there? I can see lots of effort behind it.  I like the green wall. 
  • Hi - we are still finalizing the 2 systems that will in the 2 Singapore Studios. We will publish it on the new website once it's confirmed. Thanks for your interest!
  • Hey Guys, I am back in action. I was VoyR.  Now my user name is VRamos, the damn retired banker!  

    Congratulation. When is the opening? I will fly over to congratulate this great event!

    Happy New Year!
  • Congratulation!  Effort pays off after a decade! Walk your own path. This is a new era.  
  • Thanks for your comments. I will update the group on the opening.
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