Robert Koda’s ground breaking amplifier - 匠心 Takumi K160 mono amplifier/K15EX/K10

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  • A decade of relentless research and development by Robert Koda to recreate some extremely unique specification - 150 watt of true Class A single end circuit without using tube. 
  • This masterpiece will arrive at Divin Labs of Audio Exotics shortly.
  • Wow, that is quite an amp!  Eagerly awaiting for Robert’s amp for many years!  I need to digest the design features. It seems I may understand this better than quantitative measurements.  The Robert K15EX preamp, after the super ground upgrade, in my opinion is the best solid state preamp I have ever experienced on my very own favoured musics since childhood.  Are you going to do a special event for Robert?  I think this event will draw some credible crowds.  We can even do some sensitive comparisons closed door, photos are strictly exhibited type of......
  • That is quite an excitement!  This is the type of Hi Fi news that make my day!  PT, please share more technical numbers for further understanding of the output power in watt with respect to impedance etc.  You must inform me when is the event.  We, Hong Konger, are not going anywhere this day anyway.
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    Read the technical details several times in the past few days and feel utterly thrilled by the relentless effort put up by Robert in making such breakthroughs in achieving a 150W Class A Single end solid state amplification!  He also compared the design advancements compared to K70G2 which I have used some years ago.  

    This K160 (匠心), i believe may have several iterations before this is now officially launched since I have heard at least 2 years ago that Robert is working something really game changing the way amplifiers are made today.

    Just reading the spec again and again won’t solve many questions in my mind which may be ‘too simple and sometimes naive’ for Robert, but I will wait for Robert to come over to HK to ask him face to face!

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    The circuit concept of Takumi K-70 was designed about 20 years ago - coupling of two single ended class A "modules" into a bridge configuration.  Such approach avoids the application of output transformers. It employs  a novel "reactor" power flow arrangement yielding great sonic benefit. It was a hybrid architecture without mosfet output devises. K-70 remains today, for some as still the finest sounding amplifier regardless of price.

    And now comes 匠心  K-160 in 2019.  It redefines the notion of what it means to be “the most ultimate power amplifier".  The new power amp eliminates the use of tube. Robert can now design something significantly better than his own 20-year old (or any other) tube circuit. The tube was a limiting factor in K-70s performance. Also gone are the acoustically noisy transformers. But still, 匠心  retains a "Reactor" power supply contained within each mono block, which is 4 times the physical size of those inside K70.

    For the input stage, a super quiet, unusually high voltage power supply design based upon the phenomenal Takumi MC One phono equaliser with "Super Ground" integral. 

    The output  stage employs the most essential element - a double single-ended class A topology with an idle current in excess of eight amps, with a ten fold reduction in distortion while delivering four times the power power into low impedances. Both the new input stage and the newly adapted, unique output stage further contribute to the absence of "smearing". 

    The holistic architecture of 匠心 makes it technically special. These unique electronic design features translate into continuous moment of senses and sensibilities to the betterment of genuine musicality. Dynamics float effortlessly. Speed transcends itself while resolution remarkably unveiling endless hidden details palpably with astounding beauty and clarity cohesively. 

    All operation Class A (100%) into any impedance. No push pull operation either. These facts alone already make 匠心 unique!

    150W / 8 ohm @ less than 1% THD (any mode)

    230W / 4 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)

    120W / 2 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)

    Signal to Noise

    105.5dB (A weight) @ 1W into 8 ohms. 125.5dB at 100W into 8 ohms


    0.0009% at 5 watts into 8 ohm, 1KHz.

    0.005% at 50 watts into 8 ohm, 1KHz.

    Power consumption

    550W at all times (high power mode)

    400W at all times (normal mode)

    Output impedance

    0.05 ohms at 1KHz (damping factor is 160)

    Input impedance

    Greater than 10K ohms (SE, balanced or floating)

    Voltage gain (SE, balanced or floating)


    Weight: 45Kg per unit after unpacking

    Dimension: 540mm deep 396 wide and 280 high

    There is a power mode switch on the back of the amp. Most users should set it to "Normal".  For those who play loud into low sensitivity 4 ohm speakers, they may engage the high power mode.

    There is an approximately 150W increase in power consumption per channel in high power mode. 

    Actual power consumption is about 550W static on high power mode and 350W static normal power mode per mono amplifier.

  • Maybe Robert should come out and share more rather than me drilling my brain to understand the technicals.  Based on the performance of K10, K15 and K70, the excellence is guaranteed for many years. 

    A friend of mine are willing to take his Solution 7 series to compare with Takumi K160 at Divin lab closed door without photos/video. 
  • 非常期待的超級功放!想當年,我是第一個聽長空功放的人,至今仍是我應為它是御品最最優秀的功放。Robert的匠心,聽了PT的簡述後,他有一個直覺匠心是一部超級長空,但全是晶體管科技,全單端A類線路的設計。Robert強調絕對不用推挽缐路,卻能夠輸出150watt Class A at 8 ohm。
  • What an exciting news in a chaos world, finally!
  • This is very exciting! Is this going to be set up at Divin Lab?
  • Is it a typo ?
    120W / 2 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)
  • When is the amp due?  When will Robert come over to launch them?  This is an amp long overdue from the Takumi himself. 
  • It is an honour and a privilege to introduce 匠心 K-160 to Audio Exotics and the forum.

    I do apologise for the time it took to bring 匠心 K-160 to life. It was in truth, rather more work than anticipated. Work that is the blood of my life. I sincerely hope this amplifier will take you on new musical journeys.

    By the way, no typos in the specification Chris has posted.

    With best regards,