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The Magnum Opus of Arya Audio - Air Blade Signature Edition



  • They work wonders below any speakers. 

  • I am looking to invest in a set of Arya Audio Revopods or the highly lauded Critical Mass Centerstage 2 footers. Does anyone has experience with both of these and would like to chime in?

    I am looking to elevate my network player, pre-amp and amp.
  • ReVopod much better 
  • @Audio_Napoleon Do you have experience with both footers? If so, what is the difference in sound?
  • Arteluthe Stiletto paired with Arya RevOpod

    終於等到新一套Revopod送貨,雖然係黑不鏽鋼色,但可以騰出兩套全新黑色升級Stiletto喇叭。用Revopod在喇叭度都係第一次,所以做咗次前後比較。一隻喇叭用咗Revopod,另一隻用原裝腳,各自獨立喇叭聽同一首歌Aaron Neville “Everybody Plays the Fool”。喇叭用原裝腳播低頻、中低頻音訊明顯是模糊,這引致中頻和高中頻不清。喇叭用Revopod,低頻同中低頻音訊明顯清晰和伸延都各自改善。當一對喇叭換咗Revopod後播放歌曲,音訊清晰度和音場三維度有極明顯改善。同時有個不合理嘅現象- 線材好像明顯是升咗級。


  • 拍攝好靚,我也訂了幾套RevOpod.  
  • 多謝拿破崙。希望你訂嘅RevOpod配合嘅新喇叭和器材的顏色。 
    1. I am waiting for my Revopods to try them under my Zellatons and subwoofers as well as my Aries Cerat Helene and LDMS Server, Anxious to get them 
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